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Here's How to Choose and Wear the Right Clothes That Flatter You

Kashmira Lad Apr 28, 2019
With a few tips and tricks, you can dress your best to stun everybody around you. Read more for some tips about wearing clothes to flatter you and enhance your personality.
Fashion is fickle and fashion trends keep changing with time. In this world where big brands are all set to woo people with their designer line, shopping is quite a task. Take a look around you and you have the widest range in all colors and one surely is spoiled for choice.
Shopping is not easy when the options are aplenty. Even then, hard-core fashionistas swear that they don't follow fashion trends. The kind of fashion you opt for should suit your body shape and type.
Different styles of clothing create different kinds of effects on people. The kind of colors one chooses should also blend well with the skin tone. Here are the different types of clothing gear and how to choose flattering styles.

How to Choose Clothes that Flatter You?

Take a peek into your wardrobe, it would mostly comprise jeans, T-shirts, cargos, dresses, and formal wear. But, you need to know that there is a technique in choosing these different kinds of clothing items. Here are some tips that would clear the basic doubts.
Jeans: Usually, you tend to pick up all the latest trends amongst jeans to fill your wardrobe. That's exactly where you are going wrong.
Jeans with bootcuts or flared legs are not meant for women with heavy thighs. It would only add more weight to the look. You can opt for jeans with a normal, casual fit and team it with tunics. Skinny leg jeans suit ladies with a tall and slender figure, but, if you are on the shorter side, team it with heels.
Jackets and Coats: A good jacket is surely a great option on a cold morning. Avoid picking up a jacket that is twice your size.
If you are overweight, it will make you appear larger. Opt for fitting silhouettes in muted colors so that it matches with a majority of your clothing items. Avoid loud designs at the workplace.
Dresses and Skirts: Dresses and skirts are the best choice if you wish to look feminine. Be it really long or flowing or the tiny short numbers, dresses and skirts can bring out the best in you.
Halter styles are fine for dresses, if you have beautiful shoulders and a great back. However, if you are quite broad-shouldered, you can opt for a boat neck or styles that take the attention away from the area.
Dresses and skirts that are too short are fine for women with great legs but in case you have heavy thighs, you can opt for a dress that has a side slit and only shows a hint of a leg.
Formal Pants and Shirts: A professional is not complete without the right formal attire. Choose the right fit that complements your personality. Avoid low waists at work and choose shirts that are well-structured. Avoid deep necks and ruffles if you are on the heavier side.
Tops and Tunics: Tank tops are fine for those with a flat midriff however, you can opt for waist-length stylish tops that blend well with your denims.
As party wear, if you want to avoid halters and too much of skin show, tunics are the best option as they can be paired with leggings. These look smart, cool, and casual.
Keep the aforementioned tips in mind the next time you go shopping. You can then flaunt the 'new you' in style.