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How to Wear Boots with a Skirt

How to Wear Boots With a Skirt and Look Totally Dressed-to-kill

So you want to wear your favorite pair of boots with a skirt? Simple, all you need to know is which style of this footwear suits which skirt type and you should be set to scorch the streets as you walk by.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
The nip in the air does not mean that you need to relegate your skirts and dresses to the far end of your wardrobe. If you love your skirts but are unsure about what is the perfect way to make them look appropriate for winters, then you may be surprised to know that the solution has been staring at you right in the face. Those ubiquitous pair of boots that every woman owns are the perfect accessory to team with your skirts to make them look perfect for the colder climate.
It is a trend that has been around for a while but has become quite a rage in the recent time. Tall boots with skirts, booties with leggings and mini skirts; wearing boots with a skirt means that you will be in tandem with the latest fashion trend that is sending fashionistas scurrying around.
Rocking the Trend
Frankly, for the winters, the best bet is to opt for a pair of tall boots as they will protect you against the elements. Whether you want to buy a pair of flat or heeled shoes is a personal choice but we would recommend that you opt for a pair with slight heels, as these can be dressed up or down according to the occasion. The boots that you buy should be ones that are designed in one of the classic styles.
While following the trends is fine, it is important that when you invest in a pair of boots, you can wear them for a while and do not have to discard them according to the cyclical demands of fashion. It is advisable that you buy a pair in black or even brown as these neutral colors match most clothes. Buy a pair that just skims the knee but does not go any higher. You do not want the boots to be covered by the skirt that you are wearing.
Matching your clothes with shoes, especially boots can be a pain but the end result is always gorgeous. A question that many people frequently ask is when to wear boots. Well, this is a difficult question to answer as it completely depends on the occasion. You would not want to wear your stilettos to the garden party with a pretty summer dress. Dress up as the occasion demands. Another important thing to keep in mind is to always allow for some leg show. This makes the attire more flattering.
Another trend that has really caught on recent time is teaming skirts with leggings and ankle boots and this is a perfect option for winter. You could also wear sheer tights with skirts and tall boots but that is a personal preference. If you do opt to wear tights though, play with color and pattern. This brings a new lease of life to the attire and can be a lot of fun on a balmy morning. Try to mix and match. Do not wear a completely black ensemble. Imbue a dash of color to give it some life.
If you are wearing your shoes with a long skirt, then try and think beyond fuller skirts. Opt to wear long, narrow skirts with tall boots. This can be a big fashion statement to make. With short skirts, try to avoid wearing extremely short skirts with boots, as they tend to send out the wrong image. Just pick the right pair as per your aesthetic sense and you should be ready to flaunt your skirts this winter.