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Learn How to Walk in Stiletto Heels and Walk Like You Mean It!

Naomi Sarah Apr 19, 2019
Struggling to walk in a pair of stilettos? We help you walk in stiletto heels without falling flat on your face and embarrassing yourself in the process, by giving you a few important tips.
The fact that you're here looking up information on how to walk in stiletto heels, only proves that either this is your first pair of essentials, or you've had trouble for months and never noticed, until you either tripped and fell, or someone said you looked awkward while you walked. Whatever your reason, we're here to help.
Women who can strut in a pair of pencil heel shoes should be appreciated. Now see, THAT, is impressive. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here, stilettos are what we're here to discuss. So, for women who have trouble working their stuff with a pair of stilettos, here's a guide on how to walk in any kind of heel length, be it decent or lethal.

How to Walk in Stilettos

Knowing how to walk in high heels comes naturally to some women, but not so much for others. It's all about feeling the way your feet slip into those heels, and gaging from how the different bumps and curves of your feet slip into the design of your stiletto's insides.
When you will first start with high heels, it won't be an easy task, you would even catch balance in time, saving your ankle from a good twisting. But later on, you will get used to it, your feet will then get accustomed to the idea of wearing high heels, so it's no big deal.

Get Attuned to Your Heels

The fact is that no one can just buy a pair of heels without completely considering what it is they are getting themselves into. It isn't easy to switch from sneakers and flip-flops to stilettos for the first time.
The way you walk is first of all altered by the shoes you wear. Think about that. If you're into the habit of wearing shoes that call for easy walking, like sport shoes or flats, then it's going to take some getting used to when it comes to stilettos.
Before you buy yourself a pair of stilettos, you need to first start off with small to medium-sized heels, so that your feet and legs get an idea of the height and the way it feels when you walk.
Slowly as time lapses, switch to higher heels, and don't concentrate on how they feel, but more on how your feet automatically carry you forward one step at a time. Think your heels are a little too tight?

Put Some Muscle Into It

These are definitely one of the must have shoes for every woman, and it is absolutely important to know what goes into wearing high heels. First of all, when you are at such a height off the ground, the feeling of falling over or twisting your ankle is all but inevitable. It's all in your mind, and in the way you control your body and shift your weight.
You can't just take off your high heels like you would in flip-flops or ballerina shoes. There's a muscle that runs down your calf, that automatically will flex in order to take some tension off your feet. Its difficult to walk over uneven surfaces or climb stairs.
Your feet sort of tense up but ease all at once, while your calf muscle contracts and releases every time you take a step upward or forward. It's all in how your body moves its weight around, that will help you walk in a pair of stilettos. Think of how Lady Gaga or the models at the Victoria's Secret fashion show, walk/s down confidently in high heels.

Learn How to Walk Properly

Not all of us walk the right way; some of us slouch, many of us walk like men, some of us drag our feet and there are others whose feet aren't even pointed right when they walk, more like the way ducks do.
 If you can't walk right, then stilettos will be an arch-enemy. You'll throw them in frustration, when in truth, it's actually your fault. So practice how to walk first in the right way in women's shoes, keep your shoulders straight, back upright, where your stride should look effortless and not sloppy.
Your feet need to fall one after another, so that you're not actually cat walking, but strutting, like how Charlotte in Sex and the City passes a comment to Carrie that she 'doesn't walk, but struts'.
It's second-nature to some, and in time when you consciously make an effort to walk right, then slipping into your stilettos and walking in them will be a piece of cake.
With time you'll be the center of attention post practice, and probably the neighborhood's stiletto strutting goddess. Keep it stylish.