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Learn How to Walk in High Heels and Cast That Feminine Spell

How to Walk in High Heels
Walking in heels is difficult. It's a skill that takes time to master. This article takes you through the steps to walking gracefully in high heels.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Learning to walk in heels is an art that is mastered over time with practice. Here's a simple guide to wearing high heels and walking in them gracefully. Remember to stop using the heels if you experience too much pain in your feet or back.
Before Walking in Heels
Before you start, there are some tips that you need to keep in mind. These are essential so that you can ease into the process of walking in those gorgeous stilettos.
  • Start with a smaller heel. It's always good to undertake any task one step at a time, and the same goes for walking in heels. Start with smaller heels (around 1-2 inches), get used to them, and then move on to the higher ones. The process will be simpler for you.
  • Get the right pair of shoes. Whether you want to walk in heeled boots or pumps, you have to ensure that your shoe gives you the right fit. Wear the shoe at the store, and take a short walk. If you don't find them comfortable, go for another size. If the shoe is not available in your size, choose another pair. You simply cannot buy a pair that looks great but hurts your feet. If it turns out to be uncomfortable you may injure yourself, and are also likely to lose your balance.
  • Start with a thicker heel. Because you will be able to balance better on a wider surface, it is a good idea to start with wedge heels before you move on to pencil heels or stilettos.
  • Strengthen your body. A strong body that is toned can carry its weight effortlessly. You will be able to walk in any kind of shoes you put on. This goes for heels too. Anyone who works out is likely to have greater strength and balance, which simplifies the whole process.
Once you get yourself a pair of heels, here are some very easy ways to start flaunting your beautiful shoes.
  • Start at home. Before you wear your shoes to that big event, practice walking home. Wear them for a couple of hours so that you can walk easily for the rest of the night.
  • Walk heel down first. Make sure that you land with the heel first, quickly followed by the toes.
  • Take small steps. Start by taking small steps when you walk, larger steps could lead to falling over. Moreover, taking smaller steps is elegant and ladylike. Also keep your legs closer together as this will help maintain your balance.
  • Go slow. There is no need to try to walk too fast when you wear heels for the first time. Make sure you take slow steps when you start.
  • Maintain a straight posture. Keep your shoulders square and your back straight. A lot of women have the tendency to slouch when wearing heels because they are unable to balance. For balance, slightly swing your arms, and keep your back straight.
Knowing how to walk in the correct way can help you avoid a lot of injuries. You will be stunning when you walk into a room looking elegant, confident, and charming. Practice thoroughly and feel free to use support, particularly when you are walking up and down stairs. As you practice, you will be able to glide in those stilettos and steal the show.
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