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How to Tie a Sarong

How to Tie a Sarong in Ridiculously Flattering Ways

A sarong is an attractive piece of clothing, and a perfect, colorful addition to your wardrobe when you are traveling. For those who do not know how to tie a sarong, this article provides 5 interesting options of tying a sarong into a classic dress, long skirt, jacket, scarf, or short skirt.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Sarongs come in beautiful colors, patterns, and designs. They also comes in different sizes. They are made of lightweight fabrics, and are perfect to wear on the beach. Also, if you are traveling, it can be used as a towel or a piece of clothing since it doesn't take much space in your luggage. The sarong has been used by many cultures across the world, as a skirt, dress, head scarf, jacket, etc. You can take inspiration from these cultures to come up with new styles.
5 Cool Ways to Tie a Sarong
#1 - Classic Dress
The technique of tying a sarong into a dress is fairly easy. First wrap the sarong around your back and then over your chest, now twist the ends once and take them behind your neck. Now, tie a knot to secure the ends. You can avoid twisting the fabric to create another style. Another way to make a dress out of a sarong, is to wrap it around your torso, like a towel.
#2 - Long Skirt
To tie the sarong into a long skirt, simply hold the sarong at your back, and wrap it around your waist. Now, tie the ends together with a knot. The look will change depending upon the position of the knot, which can be in front, sideways, or at the back.
#3 - Short Skirt
For this style, you can use a half sarong, or fold the long sarong in middle, to reduce its length. Wrap it twice around your waist, then secure the ends near your hips using a knot. Another method is to fold the sarong diagonally into a triangle and tie it securely around your waist. Smooth out the ends to complete the look.
#4 - Scarf
To make a cool headscarf, take a sarong and place it over your head, and hold it at an arms width, with both your hands. While holding the sarong take it back and make a twist, keep twisting. Then make a knot, and leave cloth falling on your back, or place it over your shoulder.
#5 - Jacket
Hold the sarong in front of you diagonally, and fold it in half width wise. Now tie a small knot at the fold. Take one bottom corner and tie a knot around the knot, which you previously made. Repeat with the other side. Now slip your arm through the opening and you have a colorful sarong jacket. You can wear it open or tied shut at the middle.
These were five different ways of tying a sarong. With a little creativity and experimentation you can create some cool new styles. You can find a sarong easily in malls, flea markets, or in beach side stores. Also, it is very inexpensive. So, what are you waiting for? Buy one, and try out the above styles to give yourself a new and cool look.