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Worry Not! Here's How to Stretch Shoes for Your Ultimate Comfort

How to Stretch Shoes
Have you purchased a pair of beautiful shoes, only to find that they are too tight for you? Well, fret not. Because there are many ways by which you can stretch shoes so that they are comfortable to wear.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
You have recently bought a new pair of shoes which you found comfortable when you tried at the shoe store. As you try to wear them at home, you find that it is a bit tight for your feet and it hurts when you walk. Now, you do not want to return the shoes as you like them a lot. And, maybe, they were tight at the store and you bought them anyway, because they were simply divine. It is very disappointing but many of us have gone through this kind of a situation. An easy solution to this problem is to stretch the shoes to create some extra space inside them.
Shoe Stretcher
Shoe stretcher
Shoe stretcher is a hand-operated device, which is made of wood or plastic and has a shape similar to that of a human foot. It can be purchased from any local shoe store or shoe repair shop. It is fitted with a knob and a number of screws so that its length can be adjusted as per the requirement of the shoes to be stretched.
Set the size of the shoe stretcher in such a way that it can be easily inserted into the footwear. Once you have placed it into the shoe, adjust the screws to build up a tension within. Leave it untouched for around 12 hours. Once you remove the device, wear the shoe to check whether it provides you with the necessary comfort or not. If you still feel the pressure on the feet, then put the shoe stretcher back into the shoes with an increased tension. However, this time keep it inside the shoe for less number of hours.
The Freezer Method
Shoe stretcher
There is another simple but effective procedure that can be used for expanding tight shoes. In this method we use the principal that water expands on freezing.
Take two plastic bags, fill them up with water and seal properly so that no water leaks out of them. Make sure that the plastic bags are full enough to fit well into the shape of the shoe. Insert the water filled plastic bags into the tight shoes and put them inside the freezer. So, when the water in the plastic bags is frozen, the shoes will undergo expansion. Keep the shoes in this condition for a week or so. After one week, take them out, allow them to thaw for an hour and wear them. If required, repeat the process.
How to Stretch Shoes Wider
stretching liquid
If you find that your shoes are perfect lengthwise but you want some more width to make them slightly more comfortable, then you can achieve that by using a shoe stretching liquid. They are not very expensive and are available in shoe repair shops. You have to buy the one which is manufactured specifically for the material of your shoes. Read its label and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.
Spray a generous amount of the solution over the inner and outer surfaces of the shoes to saturate the material. Then put on these shoes after covering your feet with a thick pair of socks and walk around for a while. Once the solution dries up, you will find the shoes have widened up. It can be done in a matter of few minutes.
Heat Application
Sometimes, it happens that when you wear your shoes, it pinches only at a few spots of the feet. This problem can be resolved with heat application. Put on a number of socks and squeeze your feet into the shoe. Now, apply heat from a hair dryer over the tight spots of the shoes. Keep spreading your toes continuously to identify the problem areas while applying the heat. Allow the shoe to cool down while you are wearing them on. Then wear a pair of normal socks and check if the stretch is enough.
Now, you know how to stretch shoes quickly using some simple techniques. No matter which method you choose, you should go slow and work patiently. If required, repeat the procedure a number of times to get the desired effect but do not keep them in stretched condition for a long time. Or else, you may end up overstretching the shoes.
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