How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

Do you want to how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bags and save yourself from getting ripped with a knock off? If yes, then this article is your complete guide to finding the fake ones.
Fashionhance Staff
Louis Vuitton ... the name is enough to make any woman sigh in awe. This company's traveler as well as handbags have been creating ripples in the fashion industry since 1854. Many manufactures have taken advantage of the brand name and circulated fake knock-offs in the market. Here is some guidance on identifying the proverbial "real deal".
The market for fake designer items is worth about USD 450 billion. Research reveals that about 80% of the customers are fooled or tricked into buying the fakes for the price of the authentic items. Louis Vuitton products are one of the most widely faked and circulated the world over. Everyone loves to own a designer handbag. It is a matter of pride for the owner and that of envy for others who don't own one. As the prices are exorbitant, it is not possible for anyone and everyone to own an authentic Louis Vuitton.
The price of an original Louis Vuitton is very high, and if you get a bag at a too good to be true price, it's most definitely a fake.
An important characteristic of the bags from this company is the stitching. They are stitched perfectly and will never open up for years. There are no loose threads and no misplaced stitches in an authentic Louis Vuitton.
The interiors of the authentic bags are lined with a red or honey-colored canvas. The interiors are made of micro-monogram textile, microfiber suede, cross grain leather, or tone-on-tone polyester. If your bag is lined with cheap tan, brown suede, or even plastic, then it definitely is a fake.
Metal Hardware
The metal hardware of the original bags is made of brass or gold metal. The zippers are imprinted with the letters LV. If you find gold-plated plastic or metal and if the zippers do not have the LV logo imprinted on them, you have spotted a fake one.
The original monograms on these bags are carefully placed. They are symmetrical on all sides and have clearly printed gold letters, with a brown line passing through the LV logo. The letters are not solid colored, smudged, cutouts, or have a greenish tint. They are neatly threaded, thin, and accurately placed on the bag. In some of the original bags, the logo is placed upside down on one side. A fake bag may have logos on both sides placed upright.
Handles and Hardware
Most of the original bags have handles made out of genuine rolled cowhide. If your bag comes with handles wrapped in plastic or bubble wrap, it is not the real deal.
There are no tags attached to the original bags. Instead, they are just placed inside the purse or dust bag. If you find the tags attached to the bag, then it is a dead giveaway that the bag is a poseur.
Spotting a fake one is easy if you cannot find the particular bag design on Louis Vuitton's website. There are new designs released every season, so make sure that you stay up-to-date with the latest styles.
Make Mark
Authentic Louis Vuitton bags are made in France, USA, Germany, Italy, as well as Spain. If you find a mark that says Made in China or Made in Chile, then the bag is not authentic. The original bags are not produced anywhere else other than in the above mentioned countries.
To sum up, remember the three basic rules. First, Louis Vuitton does not offer discounts on its bags. Second, they do not have any outlets, irregulars, or seconds sales. And third, these bags are not sold in retail. Remember that these bags are only sold at Louis Vuitton stores, on the authentic company website, on eLUXURY, or by calling 1-866-VUITTON.
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