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How to Shrink Jeans Fast

Got a pair of jeans that does not fit nicely on your body? Not to worry. Use the tips for shrinking jeans given here to get the shape that you want...
Fashionhance Staff
A fitted pair of jeans is one piece of clothing that is a must have for everybody, irrespective of age, sex and size! You want to look casual, pair the jeans with a smart t-shirt and sneakers. You want to look all dressed up for a party, wear the jeans with a sexy shimmering top (if you are a woman) along with a pair of silhouettes. Men can wear a formal, crisp white shirt and a pair of leather boots with a pair of jeans to a party. Looking at how versatile they can be, a pair of jeans is one fashion garment which should be chosen with a lot of care. However, sometimes, while choosing a pair of jeans, a person may buy one size larger. Or it may happen that someone loses weight and the jeans does not fit on the body as nicely as it used to! So, what should be done under such circumstances? Well, one of the ways is to shrink the jeans! Yes! You can easily do this at home by following the tips given below...
Tips on Shrinking Jeans
This is one of the simplest ways to shrink jeans. Start with washing the jeans in a washing machine which is set at "hot water" setting. After that, let the jeans hang in sunlight for half an hour so that the extra water comes out. Next, iron the jeans when it is still wet. Keep on ironing till the jeans becomes dry. The heat will definitely shrink the jeans. The same method can be used to shrink jean shorts. Here the key lies in ironing them when they are still wet!
Put the jeans in boiling water for a while. For this, take a large pot and fill it with water. Bring the water to boil and then put the jeans in it. Leave the jeans in the boiling water for about half an hour. Next, set the dryer on "high heat" setting and put the jeans in it.
Yup! You heard it right! Sometimes it may happen that the jeans fit nicely at the waist and the legs, but the bottom part is loose. Or, it may fit the bottom perfectly, but the legs are slightly ill-fitting. So, if you want the pair of jeans to exactly stretch according to your body shape, a good idea is to wear the jeans and sit in hot water bath for about ten minutes. After that, keep on wearing the jeans till they dry out naturally. This will fit the jeans absolutely in accordance with your body shape!
Although, you may have to follow this method a number of times, before the results actually start showing in, yet it is one of the most trusted ones to shrink jeans. Start with washing the jeans in a washing machine, which has been set at "hot water" setting. You may add two tablespoons of ammonia to the water to prevent the jeans from fading out. Next, set the dryer on "hot water" and let the jeans dry in high temperature. Repeat this process a few times over a week, till you find the jeans shrinking. The same method can be used for shrinking jeans jacket too.
For shrinking the length of your jeans, it is suggested that you hem or sew them according to the desired length rather than shrink them! In the end, whichever method you employ for shrinking the jeans to right fit, it would be good to know that as different jeans are made up of different materials, so how much and how fast they will shrink, cannot be really predicted. Nevertheless, try some or all the tips given here and see how they work on your jeans!