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How to Measure Ring Size

How to Measure Ring Size
If you are planning to get a ring for yourself or someone you love, the following simple steps will prove to be very useful in measuring the ring size.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
You may want to buy a ring for that someone special in your life or one for yourself, or you may have to give your ring size to someone who wants to present you a ring. There are plenty of reasons, why you may want to know how to measure ring size. So how do you determine ring size?
Determine Ring Size
When measuring ring size, you need to follow some tips.
The first thing to do is measure your finger during the warm temperature at the end of the day.
Use a string or piece of paper about ¾" in size, that can be wrapped around the base of your finger.
Then use a pen to mark the string or paper at the point that connects the two ends. Use a ruler or tape measure from the beginning to the mark to find the length.
If your knuckles are larger than the bottom of your finger, you need to consider the knuckle size when buying a ring. You should purchase a ring with a wider band that is about ½ - 1 size larger.
Table for Measuring Ring Size
Ring Size UK Measurement (mm) Ring Size USA
D 41 2
E 43 2.5
F 44 3
G 45 3.5
H 46 4
I 47 4.5
J 49 5
K 50 5.5
L 51 6
M 52 6.5
N 54 7
O 55 7.5
P 56 8
Q 57 8.5
R 59 9
S 60 9.5
T 61 10
U 62 10.5
V 63 11
W 65 11.5
X 66 12
Y 67 12.5
Z 69 13
Z+1 70 13.5
Z+2 71 14
Z+3 73 14.5

Tips for Measuring Ring Size
When measuring ring size accurately, make sure you do not measure cold fingers. The fingers are smallest when they are cold. Once you slide the ring sizer, see that you can easily slide it off the knuckle. Check the ring size at the end of the day as your finger size is largest at this time.
If you are planning to surprise someone and you want to find the ring size secretly, the best thing to do is take a ring that the person is already wearing, on the pretext of taking it for cleaning to the jeweler. Or else, you can playfully take their ring and wear it in your own finger. Make sure you push it to the point from where it cannot move further down. Then compare that point at the jeweler's with their graduated tool. If you are still not sure if you have got the correct size, choose a ring size slightly larger, as it is easy to make the ring smaller than making it bigger.
It is always useful if you know your ring size of your loved ones, as it becomes easier to buy the correct size. If you are shopping over the Internet, you should remember that the online stores have an exchange policy, if the ring size does not fit.