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How to Measure Your Hat Size

How to Measure Your Hat Size
Are you wondering about how to measure head shape to find the right hat size? Look no further, this article will provide you with stepwise instructions for measuring the right hat size and a chart of hat size measurements.
Pragya T
A hat is a protective covering worn on the head, however many people use it as a fashion accessory. There are a variety of hats available in the market and while some people use hats as a fashion accessory, there are still others who use hats for protecting their head from the sun. But how many times has it happened to you, that you have gone to buy a new hat with the perfect fit but ended up with a hat that fits too tightly causing you a lot of discomfort. Alternatively instead of a hat that makes you look and feel distinguished, you have ended up with a hat which keeps sliding down, over your eyes, and makes you crane your neck to check who's standing in front of you. These are just a couple of reasons which make it important to know what your right hat size is. Follow these steps to measure hat size to get a hat which gives the right fit.
How to Measure Your Hat Size
Head shapes and sizes differ from country to country. The smallest heads have been observed among people living in far eastern countries, and the largest heads are of people who are natives of Germany. This can lead to differing hat sizes in the variety available in the market. Therefore, to avoid any confusion while buying a hat, one should measure their head size beforehand, to find the perfect fit for a hat. You should never measure the hat or look at the size tag to find a hat that will fit you perfectly. Instead you can make your life easier by using these three steps for measuring hat size.
Step #1: Take a measuring tape. Place the starting end of the measuring tape at the middle of your forehead.
Step #2: Now while holding the starting end of the measuring tape, wrap the tape slowly around your head. Make sure you keep wrapping the tape above your ears, at the place where the hat will be resting. Join the ends of the measuring tape and note down the measurements on a paper.
Step #3: The last step is to refer to the table below to convert your hat size measurement, so that you can pick the right sized hat for yourself.
Hat Size Scale Chart
Refer to the table to measure hat size and convert the measurement.
Head Size Hat Size
Inches Cms.
21 53 6-5/8 Extra Small
21 ½ 54 6 ¾ Small
21 ⅝ 55 6 ⅞
21 ⅛ 56 7 Medium
22 ½ 57 7 ⅛
23 58 7 ¼ Large
23 ⅜ 59 7 ⅜
23 ¾ 60 7 ½ Extra Large
24 61 7 ⅝
24 ½ 62 7 ¾ Extra Extra Large
25 63 7 ⅞

Now to use the last step and convert your hat size measurement by referring to the table above to get the hat size in figures or sizes like small, medium or large. Note down the hat size on a piece of paper, and carry it along with you when shopping for hats, to buy a proper fitting hat. The steps involved in measuring the cap size and hat size are same. A useful tip when measuring your hat size, is to use a piece of string and wrap it around your head and then match it with the tape to get the exact size.