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How to Look Pretty in Glasses

You CAN Look Pretty in Glasses. Read Here and Rejoice

Wearing a glass for the first time is quite a different experience. It's because your appearance will now depend completely on it. So, how to look pretty and charming in glasses? How will you complement it with your personality? If all these questions are there in your mind, then this article shall provide you with the answers. Read on...
Fashionhance Staff
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
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An eyeglass has the ability to transform your look to something completely different. Quite true! It can either beautify or mar your face completely. The 'glass-effect' on your personality depends solely on the type of frame you choose for yourself. When your selection is right, the new pair adds charm and elegance to your overall appearance. Looking pretty with an eyeglass is quite possible when you are well aware of the factors that are supposed to be taken care of while buying a glass. Another important aspect governing your beauty quotient is, your facial and eye makeup that should go perfectly in conjunction with your specs.
Pick the Right One
The thumb rule for choosing an eyeglass is, know the different types of eyeglass frames for face shapes and select the one that will complement your face perfectly. Inclining yourself merely to the side of fashion won't make you look pretty. The trial and error method works best over here. How? Try the frames, look into the mirror and purchase the pair that looks best on you. The bridge length, frame angle and the rim width of the glass should match with your face. Square and rectangular frames suit almost every type of face. You can analyze it from different angles after wearing the frames.
Match it with your Personality
Not necessary that you have to pick up a pair of nerd frames every time you change your glasses. It's because you might not look good in those thick rimmed spectacles! Research a little on the shapes and styles of frames and match it up with your personality. You can poise a sophisticated look with even a fine rimmed or a rimless eyeglass. In an official environment, you can wear rimless optic fiber glasses, metal frames or moderately thick plastic frames. The colorful and trendy frames look better on youngsters and college goers. They enhance the vibrancy and liveliness in their character and induce the 'feel good' factor.
Perfect Color for Your Skin Tone
Today, youngsters and teens are going crazy for the latest eyewear trends that come in bright shades of yellow, purple, blue, pink, green, etc. These fancy eye gears are indeed cool and trendy. No matter what their skin tone is, such gears suit them well because of their youthful demeanor. Plastic frames of black, brown and gray suit people of all age groups while the older generation can exclusively try the fine metal frames. Other factors that also enhance your beauty after wearing glasses are, the color of your eyes and the shade of your hair. People with darker skin tone can try the copper, silver and gold finished metal frames. Analyze your features and then decide the color that will make you look absolutely pretty.
Accentuate your Facial Features
The glasses should not overpower the beauty of your eyes. Never buy frames that cast a shadow underneath your eyes. If you have mistakenly purchased such a type of frame, then you need to hide the under eye shadows with a concealer. Usually the corners of the eyes appear a little darker than the rest of your face. Observe the difference after wearing the glass and apply the makeup accordingly. Outline your eyes with a kohl or an eye liner and add appropriate eye makeup. The sparkle in your eyes adds elegance to your personality. Also, add proper makeup to your jawlines and forehead. All these beauty effects get further superimposed by your glass.
This was all on how to look pretty in glasses. Remember all these points when you step inside a showroom displaying numerous glasses. Although fashion remains your priority, do not get swayed away completely by it. Try the eyewear again and again and make sure that you are comfortable wearing it. Last but not the least, I must say that, you will look pretty only when you have confidence and grace in your personality.