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How to Get a Great Back to School Look

Want a change in your look? Feel young with a great back to school look!
Arjun Kulkarni Apr 19, 2019
"Wanna be young.. the rest of my life..
Never say no.. try everything twice..
When the angels come.. and ask me to fly..
I'm gonna be 18.. Until I die.."
- Bryan Adams
How many times have these lines run through your head. Each one of us gets used to the same old boring look and we crave for something new. Who wants to wear suits everywhere they go? Wearing suits and 'power clothing' all the time can make you feel old at times. So what do you do to feel young again?
Simply speaking, it is what the teens of the day wear to school. Teen fashion is usually hip and trendy and one of the easiest ways to make yourself feel young.
Mind you, it is not for those who are not young at heart. It is for those who want to try newer things, aren't afraid of experimenting and most importantly, younger than what their wrinkles suggest!

Getting the Look

You'll have to do a little research on what you're going to wear. It is suggested that you start off by watching some teen-flicks like the High School Musical series and other TV shows from the Disney stable. Their characters are fashionable and the clothes they wear, sooner or later, become a rage with school kids.

Guide for Men

Men can try modeling their look around latest teen sensations or celebrities which teens admire like Zac Efron or Justin Timberlake, etc.
You'll have to start with a haircut and a shave. Usually school kids don't have a beard, so start with a clean shave. You could get a really short haircut, or grow your hair long.
You could also try some crazy emo hairstyle, if you think it will suit you. They have a lot of tight clothes, so you should consider tucking in the surplus fat, if any. Shirts are usually cotton and maybe in one or two colors.
Jeans are normally skinny and may be dark blue or black, with fancy looking cuts and stitches. Single colored sweaters would be the way to go in winters. You could accessorize by wearing cool watches or sunglasses. Make sure that neither tread anywhere near the color gold.

Guide for Women

Getting the right look for women is a little difficult, because there is just so much that they have to do. Girls these days pay a lot of attention on how they look and hence a lot of work will go into the looks for women. 
They would need a haircut first or they even might need to grow their hair longer as it is more common these days. Girls try the look of latest fashion exhibited by celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, etc. Their hair are long and curly so you'll need to style accordingly.
You can leave them open or tie them up high on the back of your head in a pony tail. School girls generally do not wear much makeup, but you might just have to wear a bit of touch-up cream.
There is no set norm for the clothes that girls wear, so you just have to keep your eyes open and see what people are buying. You could also try sunglasses and watches. Large sunglasses are in vogue, as are watches with metallic looking twisted arm bands. You could try one of those plastic bangles too. Bags are a must.
These looks will make you feel young and are a cure if you are bored with your current look.