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How to Fake a Facial Piercing

Love the barbells but too scared to get pierced? Learn how to fake a facial piercing, and flaunt your new fashion experiment the easy way!
Veethi Telang Apr 10, 2019
It's amazing how fashion lets you express yourself in different ways. Your mood, it reflects on your face by the kind of makeup you put, the hairstyle you don, and the jewelry you wear.
Facial piercing, at times, gives you a subtle look, and sometimes, a rebellious one. Whichever way you see it, facial piercing is kewl and that's reason enough for fashion-savvies to try it at least once. You'd want to try anything and everything, but without taking the littlest of 'pains'.
Piercing, however you get it done, does pain, and pains badly. Moreover, the after-care it demands often leaves people sickened. But with this new technology of fake piercing, show off your inner self the easier way - fake a facial piercing, without experiencing those gunshots, needles, scalpels and cannulas.
Here is a simple method of faking a facial piercing, making it look so real, that your friends will turn green in envy. You're going to love this one.

Tips to Fake a Facial Piercing

Decide Where to Fake the Piercing

Given the number of facial piercing options today, you can wear jewelry almost anywhere and everywhere. So, choose the area you want to fake the piercing on; like, ears, lips, eyebrows, tongue or nose. It's always recommended you try a fake piercing before jumping onto a permanent one, because it will help you understand whether or not it looks good on you.

Research About the Types of Jewelry

Suppose you have chosen your eyebrow to experiment a fake piercing on, there are a number of jewelry options you may want to try. For example, there are barbells; straight bars with beads on each end, that penetrate through your eyebrow skin.
Also, there are bead and captive rings that are the most common piercing jewelry, which fit into a small opening in the circle of the ring. Depending upon your face cut, your style quotient, and your ability to carry these kinds of jewelry, you can grab a piece of fake jewelry to wear.

Consider the Size of the Jewelry

Too often, one buys jewelry without actually considering the size - whether or not it suits their face cut, look and importantly, their comfort. Hence, the wrong size will not only be bothersome, but may ruin the entire look. It's suggested that if you're a newbie, go in for small-sized jewelry, to get an idea of how exactly the piercing will look on you.

Shop from a Piercing Studio

Those who are body piercing professionals have a range of face piercing jewelry, and you can choose whichever piece of jewelry entices you. There is magnetic jewelry that has a decorative front piece with a magnetic back piece that adheres to your skin easily.
Magnetic jewelry is available for face parts like ears, nose and mouth, as the two pieces need to stick each other when put on the opposite sides of the skin. Also, there are hoop-shaped earrings for the eyebrows, looped fake rings for lips and bendable captive rings for nose and ears. There is a slew of jewelry options that suit everyone's interest.
For those fashionistas whose parents won't let them get a piercing done, and for those who are too scared of piercings and the pain they accompany, fake piercing jewelry is no less than a boon.
You can wear them the whole day without caring for the pain and the after-care, and remove them at night before sleeping. They're so easy to wear! Spice up your look with a fake facial piercing, and let your friends copy your new look. Let's see how you astonish everyone with your creativity!