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How to Dress a Rectangle-shaped Body and Look Stunning Everyday

How to Dress a Rectangle-shaped Body
Dressing up a rectangle-shaped body is about creating an illusion of a small waistline. Here are five tricks that you can use to have a complete makeover.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Apr 17, 2019
Characteristics of a Rectangle-shaped Body
Girl holding her skateboard
♥ The width of your bustline and hipline is nearly the same
♥ Bust and hips are about the same size
♥ Little or no waist definition
♥ Equal distribution of weight is seen on the body
♥ Flat bottom and no curves
When you spend generously on clothes and on dressing up thereafter, it is important that you put a little thought into knowing your body shape. Picking clothes that suit your body type can truly transform your look. In what follows, we will look at how to dress a rectangle-shaped body.
As mentioned earlier, this body type has same-sized hips and shoulders, and has little or no waist definition. It is usually considered very manly for the lack curves.
But did you know, the royal fashion icon Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz, and the woman who changed the face of fashion for many, Sarah Jessica Parker, all have rectangle-shaped bodies? Well, yes!
There are a wide range of clothes to choose from for a body shape like this one. However, the trick lies in picking the ones which will flatter your figure. Here is a compilation of five looks for various occasions to make every head turn in the room.
Formal Wear
Formal wears and bag
For a rectangle-shaped body, opt for clothes that define your waistline, lift your bustline, and make your legs appear taller and slimmer.
Fashion Model Holding Bag
So, to create this look for the office bring out the little black dress which accentuates your waistline, those feline heels, the smart bag, and the statement cocktail ring. Lastly, do not forget a pair of classic black earrings to complete the look.
Casual Wear
Casual wears
Creating an illusion of a proportionate lower and upper half, is the key to dressing up a rectangle-shaped body. A skirt with a tapering waistline and a ruffled hemline is ideal for such body.
woman posing with skateboard
To emphasize the bustline, team this skirt with a vest, a delicate lace jacket which ends just at the waist, orange flats, and some bold accessories.
Party Wear
Party wears
There is no doubt that one has to look stunning for a party. And so you must! Get this million-dollar look with a bright colored asymmetrical dress which brings attention to waist and long legs.
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Add some sparkle with a pair of delicate gold earrings, which end just above the shoulders, a glittering clutch purse, black statement ring, amber necklace, and bold heels.
Day Out Wear
Day out wears
A day out, just to unwind and relax, has to be enjoyed in comfortable clothing. However, there is no reason why this attire cannot be stylish.
lady on skateboard
Bring out those rugged denim shorts, and team them with a casual vest, a pair of sneakers, a bright red belt to create the much-needed waistline. Do remember to take that tote bag and sunglasses to complete the look!
Date Wear
Date wears
Dressing up for a date requires special effort and attention. Create a sensual look with a pink dress, that emphasizes your waist with a big belt.
Collage Of Woman Pink Summer Dress
A pair of delicate silver earrings that match your dress, heels that add height and femininity, and the important purse will totally complete your look.
Many believe that a rectangle-shaped body lacks curves, and has a rather boyish look. However, the way you dress it up will make all the difference in your look. The mentioned style tips assure you a figure worth every effort you shall make to put the look together. Experiment, explore, and enjoy these styling tips to look stunning each day!