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How to Dress Emo

How to Dress Emo
So you want to know how to dress emo. Then, I must say, that there is a lot of work to be done. Read this article to know what clothes and hairstyles you must have, to do this.
Gagan Dhillon
Most teens who want to go emo, do so without realizing that being emo is an attitude, that can't be imitated. You may fit into the clothes, but they will never truly belong to you. If you know what I mean! So, to be the complete package, you need to be confident in your skin. Leave all your inhibitions behind, about what people or the society will think. Being emo means expressing the freedom of choice. You choose to dress in a certain way and behave in a certain way, despite the fact, that everyone may not appreciate it.
Fashion Ideas
For Girls
Needless to say being emo doesn't mean that we ignore fashion trends. The best thing about this fashion is that it takes the current trends and adds a dark yet playful touch to the whole scene. So keep this in mind, an emo girl is tough, takes no nonsense, and yet has a soft side to her. To complete the look you must take everything into consideration, from hair to the clothes.
Get a Hairstyle: An emo hairstyle is a must, if you want to look like one. So go to a hair stylist, choose one of the many emo haircuts for girls. The haircut you choose will depend on how extreme you want to go. You can opt to color your hair with bold colors, or just get black or deep purple, etc. Don't miss out on the makeup, along with the hair, that too needs to be appropriate. The makeup is primarily dark, well-defined Kohl eyes.
The Clothes: Some of the essentials are tight dark jeans, well-fitting T-shirts, hoodies, and shoes (preferably sneakers). Along with these, you also need some accessories like studded belts, chains, rings, and sling bags. Being emo doesn't mean that you have to go all dark and depressed. The key to having a correct fashion sense is, you must remember to add a dash of color where least expected. So your t-shirts can have color, and the hoodies can be dark with an interesting design.
For Boys
For men, it is important that they don't go too goth. Goth is similar, but darker. Emo has a softer, fun side to it. So the guys need some unique fun pieces in their wardrobe to pull off this look, for example black and white check shoes. If you have piercings, then half your work is already done.
Get a Hairstyle: The boys also need to get their hair fixed to complete the look. Get yourself a cool punk hairstyle. Don't be afraid to color your hair any color that you wish. Be sure to spike your hair as the finishing touch.
The Clothes: The clothes for boys are mainly dark t-shirts, which are music inspired. Get comfortably fitting jeans, they need not be too baggy or too tight. You can add a scarf, chains, and a bright sleeveless jacket. Then comes your shoes, like the ones I mentioned before. Remember to have black in your wardrobe. If you are to wear tight jeans with a black shirt, go for a hoodie. You can sport a different colored jacket in a bright shade.
Now go ahead and be your own person. Dress the way it pleases you, and you need not conform to the shackles of a pretentious society. Be brave and be free!
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