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How to Distress Jeans

Mayuri Kulkarni Sep 29, 2018
Distressed jeans are in fashion these days, and their prices have escalated because of their rising popularity. If you wish to save money, you can make your own distressed jeans. Read on to know how you can do that.
Distressing jeans requires a creative outlook. You should be able to visualize which parts should look worn out so that the jeans make a fashion statement. The act of distressing gives the jeans a unique and trendy look. Frequent use and washes give jeans such a look.

Steps to Destroy Jeans

Destroyed jeans are the latest trend in teen fashion. Before we understand the steps of this, let us take a look at the tools you will require, all of which are easily available at home.
Materials Required:
  • Pair of scissors or a razor
  • Pencil or washable marker
  • Wooden block
  • Sandpaper or cheese grater

Decide the Pair of Jeans

Buy a new jeans or use an old one for distressing. Ensure that the jeans fits you properly and is low-cost. If you want to distress old jeans, select a pair that you can experiment with. These jeans need to have holes and torn areas, so choose the jeans correctly.

Mark the Distressed Areas

Now that you have decided the pair, select the areas to be destroyed. Jeans look more unique when they are distressed at areas where natural distressing takes place, like thighs, hips, knees, etc. So mark the areas that you want to distress. Use a pencil or a washable marker to mark the areas. Use separate markings for holes and fades.

Choose the Desired Effect

1. Faded Effect:
Start with the areas where you want to give this effect. Before starting the distressing process, insert a block of wood below the area that you want to work upon. This will provide a support while fading. Here are many techniques that can be used for fading.
Bleaching fades jeans quickly and whitens the area where it is applied. You can use mild bleach for this purpose.
Ensure you wear rubber gloves before you start the process of bleaching. Make a mixture of bleach powder and water. Take a piece of cloth or sponge and dip it in the solution. Squeeze it properly and apply the solution to the area to be distressed.
Now, wash the jeans in cold water at the earliest to avoid their decaying. Care should be taken that the bleaching solution does not accidentally spill on areas that you do not want to distress.
Using Sandpaper or Cheese Grater:
If you do not want to use bleach, you can use the sandpaper option. Use a sandpaper that is very rough, and rub it on the area that should look faded.
Rub until you get the desired effect. You can also use a cheese grater instead of sandpaper. Rub the back pockets, knees, and hips with the help of the distressing tool of your choice.
2. Holes:
When you want to create holes in your jeans, ensure that you do not cut out a whole circle. Mark the circles where you want to create holes. Take a razor blade and run in along the marked area.
Rub it until you see the white strands appear. You can remove the strands or keep them, or remove only some of the strands and keep the rest. There are a number of hole patterns that you can choose from.

Final Touch

For further effect of distressing, rip the jeans at the hem and seams with scissors. This will give a fraying effect to your distressed jeans. Once you are done with all these steps, wash the jeans and see if you want to do further distressing.
By using a few techniques and following the given steps, you can easily make your own distressed jeans that are popular these days. Once you learn how to distress jeans, you can give your friends ideas on the same. So, instead of buying expensive frayed jeans from a showroom, make a pair by yourself.