How to Destroy Jeans

Distressed jeans can be made on your own. This article provides a simple and cost-effective method that can be tried at home.
Fashionhance Staff
Already having rocked the fashion world once during the 1980s, destroyed jeans have staged a strong comeback. People love the worn out and torn looks, which increase the fashion quotient. It is otherwise known as distressed jeans, and refers to those jeans which are purposely torn or faded to give a distressed look. Being categorized as designer clothing, these distressed jeans are very expensive, as compared to the regular ones. As the name suggests, even brand new products look old, faded, and torn. Hence, many people do not find it worthy to pay huge amounts for such jeans. But if you love the looks of destroyed jeans, and don't want to buy one, here is the solution. You can try to make one, out of your old pair of jeans. Here is a simple tutorial on making destroyed jeans.
Materials Needed: The most important thing you require is a pair of jeans to experiment on. It is always better to select an old pair, with a thinner material. It should be a standard jeans, that is non-stretchable, and without any Lycra or spandex material. Apart from the jeans, you need some bleach, sandpaper or pumice stone, scissors, spray bottle, some old clothes, sponge, and plastic bags. Once all the materials are ready you can start the process, which is easy enough, provided one does it proper care.
How to Make Destroyed Jeans: Destroying jeans is an interesting as well as a creative task, which can give you good results, if executed with proper care. This process involves bleaching, cutting, and abrasion. So wear a pair of gloves, to protect your hands.
  • Lay your jeans on an even surface, like a table; which is covered with some old clothes or newspaper. If you want different looks for both sides of the jeans, then insert some plastic bags inside the legs.
  • Now, take a piece of sponge and dip it in bleach. Squeeze out the excess bleach to avoid dripping on the jeans, as it causes a different effect on the material.
  • Stroke the jeans from top to bottom with the sponge dipped in bleach. This should be done at a fast pace, as the bleach can damage the fibers of the jeans, if exposed for a long time. You can emphasize on areas like knees for a more faded look.
  • Continue the process on the front and back sides of both the legs of the jeans. The moment you finish, wash the jeans in cold water. Do not wash the jeans along with other clothes.
  • If you want a more uniform faded look, you have to replace the sponge with a wash cloth. Apply the bleach on the jeans using the wash cloth. In the former case, the application of bleach was through strokes. But, in this case, you have to press the washcloth in a uniform manner over the jeans. After applying the bleach, wash the jeans in cold water. You can even spray (using a spray bottle) the bleach on your jeans, for a different effect. Be sure to wear goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Now, you have a jeans with a faded finish. In order to make it destroyed or distressed, you have to use some tools for abrasion. Take a sandpaper or pumice stone, and rub those areas of the jeans where you want to shred the denim. Care must be taken to avoid areas with stitches. The best parts for fraying are the knees, hemline, and back pockets.
  • Now, it is time to make holes. You can use a scissor to make holes or to rip the jeans. However, never forget to fray the edges of the cut with a sandpaper or a pumice stone. Don't overdo it, as a natural look is more preferred.
You can even practice this method on an old cloth. Once you gain confidence, try your hand on an old pair of jeans. Splurge your creativity to make some unique fashion clothing.