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How to Clean a Diamond Ring

Handy Tips on How to Clean a Diamond Ring to Maintain Its Sparkle

Diamond rings lose their sheen as dirt accumulates on the stones. Read on for some tips about cleaning such rings.
Sonia Nair
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017
Diamonds are highly valued for the looks they offer. It is said that the inner surfaces of these stones refract light and this is the reason behind their sparkling nature. However, accumulation of dirt or other substances like oil, lotion, etc., may affect the sparkle of the stone. So, wearing diamond rings while doing household chores, exposes these precious stones to various materials. With time, the stone will get accumulated with dirt, which can affect its sheen. The stone will no more be sparkling and will look dull. In such cases, you have to clean the ring, so as to bring back that sheen. Regular cleaning will be useful in maintaining the brilliance of your diamond ring.
Tips for Cleaning a Diamond Ring
The most important point to keep in mind about diamonds is that they have to be handled carefully. These expensive stones must be kept away from dirt, harsh chemicals and contact with coarse substances. If you wear a diamond ring daily (as in case of engagement or wedding ring), then it needs to be cleaned regularly. As the diamond is exposed to various materials used in your day-to-day activities, there are chances that they lose sheen due to accumulated dirt.
Cleaning a diamond ring can be done on your own or by the jeweler. If the ring is too expensive or an antique piece, it is always better to approach the jeweler, who has modern techniques to clean these stones. If the ring has other precious stones, along with the diamond, then also, it will be better to approach the jeweler for cleaning the stones. Some of the jewelers provide their customers with a complete diamond cleaning set as well as cleaning instructions. In such cases, all you have to do is to follow the instructions.
Simple diamond rings can be cleaned at home, if you know the right methods. You have to keep in mind not to use harsh chemicals, soap bars or coarse brushes for cleaning diamonds. Knowing the particular diamond ring style may also prove helpful.
  • First of all, spread a towel on a flat surface in a location that provides you with plenty of light. This can be your cleaning space. If you are cleaning the ring inside a sink, make sure that the drain is closed properly or else grip the ring tightly.
  • Take a bowl and pour a cup of lukewarm water into it. Mix ΒΌ cup of ammonia in the bowl and keep the ring in the solution for at least three to five minutes.
  • If the ring is very dirty, then wait for at least 15 minutes, before you take it out of the solution. Once you take the ring out, rinse it with plain lukewarm water and use a soft toothbrush to clean the stone.
  • Otherwise, use a solution of water mixed with a small amount of dish washing liquid for this purpose. You may use a kids toothbrush for cleaning diamonds at home.
  • Dry the stone and the ring with a lint-free cloth, after you rinse the ring thoroughly with plain water. Use the cloth to polish the stone, so that it sparkles after cleaning.
  • You may skip the step of cleaning diamonds with ammonia. All you have to do is to prepare a solution of one part mild dish washing liquid with plain water and use it for cleaning diamonds.
  • In this case too, you have to soak the ring for at least 20 minutes, if it is too dirty. Otherwise, just swirling the ring in the solution and cleaning with a soft toothbrush will be enough. Rinse well before drying the stone.
  • Some people use baking soda for cleaning diamond rings that are slightly dirty. A paste made of baking soda and water is used for this purpose. The paste is applied over the stone, which is then cleaned with a soft brush. The ring is then rinsed with plain water and dried with a soft lint-free cloth.
  • You might have heard about cleaning diamond rings with vinegar. A mixture of equal parts of white vinegar and water is used for this purpose. The ring is soaked for 10 to 15 minutes, before brushing with a soft brush. Rinse in plain water and dry the stone immediately.
  • If you are doubtful about these methods, you may resort to commercial cleaning solutions meant for diamonds. In that case, you need to follow the instructions on the package, so as to clean your diamond ring.
  • Whatever may be the method you choose for cleaning a diamond ring, you have to make sure that you dry the ring as well as the stone, as soon as possible. A lint-free cloth is always preferred, as air drying may cause water spots on the stone.
  • As mentioned above, jewelers too provide the service of cleaning diamonds (usually free of cost). They usually employ methods like steam cleaning, ultrasound cleaning, etc.
  • Even sulfuric acid cleaning is one such method used by jewelers, for cleaning diamonds. This type of cleaning is required for rings that are very dirty. They may charge you for this cleaning method.
It is always better to seek the opinion of the jeweler (from whom you buy the ring) with regard to diamond cleaning methods. If he is providing you with instructions or cleaning solutions, you have to use them only. Otherwise, try the above said methods carefully. You can prevent diamond rings from getting dirty, by removing them before handling chemicals, cosmetics, oil, soil and other such materials. Even cleaning of diamonds should be done, only when it is necessary. Frequent cleaning may also cause the sparkle of these stones to fade away.