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How to Care for a Cashmere Sweater: Read This to Know

How to Care for a Cashmere Sweater
Cashmere owners should educate themselves on how to look after their sweaters made of this fine wool. Let's take a look at how to keep this beautiful sweater in shape...
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
It may leave you confounded when you look into the careful, and delicate manner in which a cashmere sweaters is cared for. Once you do this over a period of time, you're sure to pick up the techniques and tricks quickly, doing it like you would any other chore by heart. Cashmere sweaters are a luxury to own, and an investment well worth taking up, being a great way to turn an ordinary do up into something quite classy. It can be paired with skinny jeans, hot pants, casual wear or even Bermudas and a pair of flip flops. Incredibly soft to the touch and comfortable when worn, a cashmere sweater is best known for its insulation during the chilly months of the year.
Made from goat wool, this kind of sweater is something every wardrobe conscious person must possess, for all round comfort and style. Now that you have your very own cashmere sweater, you'll have to understand that it isn't easy to take care of this without the right knowledge.
How to Care for Cashmere
Be sure to try out these techniques when looking out for the condition of your cashmere sweater.
Storing Cashmere
Sweaters of this fabric are best stored in sweater bags, since it allows the material to breathe and keeps away pesky insect visitors. Avoid placing them on hangers since it makes the wool weigh down on them, forcing it to turn droopy over time. Avoid storing these away in plastic bags, and fold them neatly around centered translucent paper sheets. They need to be cleaned out thoroughly from stains or any kind of dirt before being stored.
How to Wear Cashmere
Cashmere sweaters shouldn't be worn more than four times a week, since it can stretch out the wool, making it saggy. Twice a week is sufficient, where even things like deodorant and perfume application is important. When spraying these on, make sure you first apply it onto your skin and then wait for it to dry up. Do not allow any of the two to directly come into contact with the sweater since it can attract moths and leave room open to staining. Avoid wearing sharp edged jewelry or carrying bags that have the ability to get things caught in them. Snagging and tearing are the worst scenarios you want your cashmere sweater to undergo.
Dealing with Stubborn Stains
When confronted with a stain, you need to have it immediately removed before it sets into the fabric. A reliable stain remover and cold water will do the trick. Carry a mini case of stain removal liquid, so that you can clean it off in the toilet should you be outdoors when this occurs. Avoid scrubbing the area with a tissue or napkin, and just let the stain remover soak into the stained spot - go home and then clean it up (the following point will give you precise steps on how to clean your cashmere). Stains can be removed using any kind of wool stain remover, like that used on carpet where you can slowly dab away the stain by first placing a towel between the two layers. Once you continuously dab at it and apply the remover repeatedly until the stain lightens, you can then wash it out.
Careful Maneuvers While Cleaning Cashmere
Here's the tricky section when it comes to cashmere - cleaning it. No need to panic now, just allow yourself to experiment with this step and witness how your sweater will come through just fine. When cleaning cashmere, always make sure you use a sanitized wash basin or a clean shallow plastic tub that fits into the basin. When you wash your sweater handle with care when lifting it up, since holding it from the shoulders can force the wool to stretch downwards from the water weight. This can ruin your fabric's elasticity, so pay attention to how you lift your cashmere when it is soaked.
It should be lifted off a surface with both hands, after being washed in cold water (never at any other temperature). You need to use either a shampoo (mild) or a detergent made for delicate fabrics. It's wool after all, so using a shampoo is a good alternative. Once you lather up the detergent/shampoo and water mix, place the cashmere within it and ever so gently squeeze the fabric using the least amount of pressure. In small squeezes, do this for the whole sweater without applying a lot of physical force (like wringing or tugging it for instance).
After about five minutes of this, drain the water and wash the cashmere in cold running water. When removing excess water, hold the cashmere between your palms in a ball like shape and press from either side using your palms. Then place the cashmere face up and flat against a towel, and roll it up from left to right, allowing the towel to soak up any left over water by gently pressing down around the rolled up towel. Do not place these outside to dry or near a window. Choose a closed room space within your home to allow it to dry completely. It should be laid out flat against another dry towel after you unroll the previous one.
Not so hard, is it? Taking care of a cashmere sweater will come naturally to you over time, with no hassles on how to care for these once you familiarize yourself with the techniques. With this information on how to care for your cashmere, you'll be able to wear these without worrying about them being botched in the long haul.
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