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How to Bleach Jeans

Don't Know How to Bleach Jeans? Now You Will

Do you have a pair of jeans which fits you well but you do not like its color? Do you think it is too dark? Then, do not worry. We have a solution to your problem. You can opt for bleaching them.
Palmira S
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2017
Bleaching is nothing but lightening the color of your jeans. If you want, you can completely change its color and make it white too. We know you must be tempted to know the procedure of doing so. If yes, then keep reading as the below paragraphs cite the process.
How to Bleach Jeans at Home
  • The materials you will require are bleach, bucket, rubber gloves, drying rack, sponge, and a newspaper or a towel.
  • Start with filling the bucket. ¾th of the bucket should be filled with warm water. To this water, add 2 cups of bleach. Its amount varies according to how white you want the jeans to be.
  • Now, put the jeans in the bucket. Before you put it, make sure to wear gloves. It will be better if you make use of a large bucket. Usage of big buckets will show better results. Also, make sure that it has been submerged completely in the bleach solution.
  • Allow it to be in the solution for 5 minutes. Times varies according to the amount of whiteness you want. Keep moving it while it is in the solution. This will help in bleaching it evenly. Keep repositioning it after a few minutes.
  • In order to apply the solution directly to the pockets and hem lines, you can make use of a sponge. It is difficult for the solution to reach these places hence, the solution needs to be dabbed with a sponge.
  • Now, after the solution has been applied to all the parts of the jeans, remove it from the bucket, and then hang it so that it dries. If you are placing it on the floor, then do not forget to place a newspaper below it else, the bleach solution can damage the floor. If required, you can repeat the process. With this process, you can bleach the jeans evenly.
Bleaching Your Jeans White
In order to bleach jeans white, you can follow the same procedure mentioned above. However, there are slight differences in the procedure which you will have to adopt. You will have to put more amount of bleach solution to get white shade. Also, you will have to allow it to soak in the mixture for more time. After these two things, your jeans will become white.
Bleaching Jeans in Washing Machine
In a washing machine, add a cup of bleaching powder. Next, add cold water to it. Then put the pair of jeans which you want to bleach. If you want to bleach more than one pair, you can put all of them together. Make sure that you do not put the other garments in the washing machine else, you will end up bleaching them as well. Now, expose this jeans to sun and allow it to dry. Exposing it to sunlight will help in the process of bleaching.
After knowing how to bleach jeans, we are sure most of you will try doing it. So, go ahead, bleach it and give it a completely new look. All the best!