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How to Be Emo

Sheetal Mandora Nov 18, 2018
Wondering what it takes to be emo? Read on to find out what emo means, and how you can incorporate it in your life.
Many people misunderstand what emo means; they think that a person has to be depressed all the time, and live in isolation. But that is far from the truth.

What Does It Mean to Be Emo?

You can categorize it into 2 unique ways―music and people in general. If you look at it from the music perspective, this term actually came from an Indie music style named Emotive Hardcore. This is basically a sub-genre of punk rock where the lyrics represent extreme emotional meanings.
You must've seen some emo bands like My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Jimmy Eat World, Atreyu, and others. Their basic style of dressing, mannerisms, and the songs, all contribute to what emo means. Their attitude is nowhere near being rebellious, but that's what certain people have in mind.
So, when teens dress up in a goth-like manner, the perception of people around them automatically triggers―rebel, angry, or even, out of control.
On the other hand, teens who consider themselves emo claim that this word is short for "emotional". The influence comes from goth and punk, but the representation is very much sensitive.
The general fashion and hairstyles lean more towards being non-threatening; instead, they claim it is about being comfortable in your own skin. Although, as you may have seen, tight-fitting jeans has somewhat become a trademark for emo fashion. The hair is perfectly angled and glossy.

Be an Emo in School

✤ First you need to change your hairstyle and cut. Whether it's for a boy or girl, the concentration should be on dark hair and light-colored streaks. So get the right hairstyle.
✤ Boys, go with short, choppy hair and asymmetric bangs. But if you want long hairstyles, you can keep long bangs which can be swiped across your forehead and one eye.
✤ As for the hairstyle, you can keep either long hair with layers or go with short hair with razor-cut bangs.

✤ When it comes to clothes, everything in the closet at the moment might not be ideal. For boys and girls, tight-fitting jeans is in. But that doesn't mean you wear only black. You can add some colors to your wardrobe.
✤ To dress emo, mix dark and bright colors together.You can wear accessories (boys as well) that give a contrast to your clothes. But while wearing belts and shoes, stick with black.
✤ While carrying a backpack to school, keep the color black. You can add some pink badges, patches, pins, and labels. And if you want any embellishes, stick to skulls.

✤ Boys too wear thick, black eyeliner with mascara as a signature style and paint their nails black or silver.
✤ Are you into books? Well, an emo person loves to read books when lonely. Their books are always shabby and thick in size. They carry it wherever they go.
✤ Next step is to be one with your emotions. You can find this emotional approach from songs, poetry, or even art. You need to be empathic and in touch with your emotions. When something bad occurs in your life, for example, a death, divorce, or even a break-up, you should not feel shy or guilty for crying.
✤ Listen to the latest bands to feel the culture. You will also get a sense of clothes and attitude.
Being emo is a choice every teen takes when he/she does it for the right reasons. Instead of just looking cool or wanting to be accepted should not guide your decisions.
If you truly feel that this is what your heart and mind wants, then speak to your parents or guardians and explain them why you decided to be like this. Tell them what it means to be emo and perhaps then, little by little, our society can genuinely understand its meaning as well.