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How Can You Improve Your Overall Appearance

How Can You Improve Your Overall Appearance

Not all of us are born with the best of looks. However, goods looks and the right attitude are directly related to success and happiness. If you are one of those who want to improve their overall appearance to get an uplifted self-esteem. Read on.
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With all those makeover and self-improvement shows on the TV, it may seem like a daunting task to work on your looks and better them. But, honestly you don't need these experts or makeover studios to enhance your overall appearance, all it takes is just a little more care and attention than usual. And to look good is every human being's desire. After all, attractive people are more popular with the members of the opposite sex. Moreover, studies have proven that most good looking people have healthier relationships, more esteemed careers and a significantly strong finance, a fantastic social life and they are loved by all. In short, those blessed with good looks have an automatic advantage. However, some makeover tips have to be followed to better your overall appearance. You just have to invest a little time out of your hectic schedule to groom yourself and look good. Here are some simple tips for both men and women, to improve your overall appearance. Take a look.

Tips to Improve Your Overall Appearance

#1 Hair is the very first thing people seem to notice, when they look at you. Moreover, a haircut or a particular hairdo has a lot to say about your personality and style. So, look at yourself in the mirror and think for yourself whether you need a haircut. If you need one get one! A sassy haircut would give you a fantastic makeover. Start taking your hair seriously, that doesn't mean you spend hours together at the hair salon getting your hair fixed. All you have to do is oil and massage your hair. Treat your hair to a good shampoo and conditioner, use a leave on conditioner if your hair looks too dry and frizzy.

#2 One may have the best of looks, hair and clothes, but most falter when it comes to oral hygiene. It is the basic rule of improving your overall appearance. Bad breath is a major turn off, be it a social meet, at the workplace or when you are hanging out with your friends. Always keep a spray mint handy and religiously follow a good oral care.

#3 Take good care of your skin. No matter what time of the year it is make sure you wash your face and keep it hydrated. Consume loads of water; you need not be told keeping yourself hydrated from within is also one of the reasons to improve your skin texture and keep it glowing. Skin care is not only restricted to gals, in fact guys too need to take extra care when it comes to their skin to keep it looking fresh and healthy. A clear skin and a fresh look is liked by all.

#4 A very few realize that a smile can brighten up your face instantly. A smile can actually revolutionize how others interact with you, because it sends positive vibes and a warm feeling to the person you are interacting with. Don't be afraid to work on your smile and better it every time. Trust me a smile can do wonders. And if it is a dimpled one, (added advantage) flaunt it people!

#5 Improving your overall appearance does not mean you have to overhaul your closet or go shopping for the best brands. It is all about being confident in your skin and carrying off any style of clothes. However, make sure you maintain the protocol of the occasion and dress up accordingly. The way you dress up, has a lot to say about your tastes and your style. You would have the most beautiful outfit and the prefect shoes to go with it, but if you are not comfortable, DON'T wear it. You have to be comfortable about the attire; it is only then can you be confident and look better.

#6 A bad physique can restrict one from wearing what they want to. Moreover, these people are conscious about how they are looking and shelter several other insecurities. To break free all of these and look good, you have to take time out for exercising. Even if you are perfectly in shape, a little exercise will help you maintain your physique. In addition to that it will improve blood circulation, which in turn will better your overall complexion and give you a confidence boost.

#7 After having talked about clothes, skin, oral hygiene and exercising, there is something more, that requires equal attention and they are your communication skills. For which, first and foremost you need to master the language you are communicating in and polish your accent, since a small grammatical mistake can prove to be grave. Of course the basic manners and etiquette should be given equal importance too.

#8 Most of us take it for granted that shoes are the last thing one notices; it is not true! All of us are not born with beautiful feet, but we have an option to cover them. The point is if you don't have well kept feet opt for cover shoes, pumps, loafers and so on. Now, when you choose to wear a particular footwear, make sure you are comfortable and can walk properly while wearing them, because you don't want to be making a fool of yourself. The bottom line is "comfort should define your style", confidence will automatically come in.

#9 Pay attention to small details. Trying to improve your overall appearance, makes it important for you to check even the minutest of details. Keep your nails clean and manicured. Make sure you shave and keep yourself clean regularly. Use a deodorant or perfume to keep yourself smelling good and fresh. Most of the time your elbow area and the nape is darker than your body color, make sure you take special care and moisturize it daily.

#10 Lastly, be confident, happy and self-assured in your skin and that will automatically have an influence on your external looks. If you are still insecure about your appearance or think you need improvement on some aspect, work on it. Take initiatives to improve that aspect instead of just looking into the mirror and wasting your mental energy, crying over your supposed flaws.

Something that attracts most people is a good sense of humor and make sure you have one wherever you go. Developing a sense of humor is the most important aspect of improving your personality, as it plays a vital role in social and even official interactions. Life is too short to turn every situation into a battle, relax and take a humorous attitude to occasional troubles that life may throw at you. More than looks having a pleasing attitude will make you popular without even trying!
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