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What to Wear With a Houndstooth Scarf to Enhance its Charm

The houndstooth scarf adds style, enhances the appeal of your attire and adds cool quotient to your personality.
Rohini Mohan Apr 29, 2019
This scarf has a jagged checked pattern that gives a bold look. It has been around since the 1800s, when it was first used in Scotland. They have become a popular fashion accessory among men and women.
Though usually found in checks of black and white, newer and vibrant color combinations can also be found. The houndstooth scarf used to be made of 100% sheep's wool, however, now they are available in cashmere, polyester, cotton, mixed wool, and even silk.

Colors to Go in For

The usual black and white scarf may get boring after a point, once you have worn it several times and you see others wearing the same.
Fortunately there are some really fabulous color combinations such as pink and gray, green and yellow, blue and white, and metallic colors that you can consider.
For example, electric purple and silver scarfs with this pattern are can be your personal favorite!
If you search, you are bound to come across some really vibrant color combinations that will make you wanna buy them all! Recent fashion trends have introduced printed houndstooth scarfs, which can be found of fabrics such as soft silk and satin.

What to Wear with Houndstooth Scarf

Being a unisex scarf, it can be worn by anyone who chooses to with no questions asked.
♣ Men and women can wear these with neutral shades such as white, gray and black, wherein the scarfs add attractive contrast.
♣ These can be worn with pencil pants as well as slacks.
♣ They can also be worn with Fedora hats and the two look absolutely amazing.
♣ The ladies can wear the scarf like a bandanna or wear them along with formal skirts or cocktail dresses.
♣ Do not forget to wear black or bright-colored stockings along with really nice stilettos or boots to add to the rock star image.
There are many different ways to wear a scarf. These scarfs can be worn any way you like, you can fold the square into a triangle and wrap it around your neck loosely so that the triangular tip is facing down from the center of your chest.
You can also wear it like the French scarf loop, with the knot on one side of your neck. You can even wear it as a shawl or make it into a halter top!
♣ Men with houndstooth pants can wear a white shirt or T-shirt and then casually wrap the scarf around their neck.
♣ Women who have shoes matching with houndstooth patterns can wear the perfect little black dress and add the scarf to add to the fashionable finish.
You can wear the houndstooth scarf for absolutely any occasion, whether it's a day out with friend or a pub or restaurant. You can even wear these on your date. Just remember to have fun wearing them.