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Horn-rimmed Glasses

Smita Pandit Apr 23, 2019
Originally made from horn or tortoise shell, the horn-rimmed glasses are now made from plastics that simulate these materials. This write-up provides information about these trendy eyeglass frames.
Gone are the days when people wore eyeglasses for the sole purpose of vision correction. These days, people are making a fashion statement by wearing trendy glasses. Horn-rimmed glass frames have become quite popular these days. The origins of this style can be traced back to nineteenth century.
These originated in Europe, however, they rose to popularity in the early twentieth century in the United States of America. Harold Lloyd and Buddy Holly set the trend, making them very popular. There have been periods when their popularity waned, however, they are in vogue currently.

What are these Frames Made of

The rims of these glasses are made of horn or tortoise shell. Initially, tortoise shell or horns were used for making these frames. Since the use of this materials meant causing damage to the environment, manufacturers resorted to using plastic and dyeing it in colors in order to simulate or replicate the look of these materials.
Over the years, various different styles have emerged. People started referring to dark, thick, and heavy 'in your face' frames made from plastic as horn-rimmed frames.
Another prominent characteristic that adds to their uniqueness is that these glasses don't come with nose pads. Sporting them surely gives one a different look, a look that reminds one of the old times. However, that doesn't mean that if you wear them now, you will be considered as old-fashioned.
Fashion repeats itself, and this applies to this style as well. In fact, various celebrities are flaunting these glasses. Of late, popular Hollywood celebrities have been sporting these glasses. Johnny Depp surely made a style statement wearing these glasses.


This is undoubtedly one of the classic styles, when it comes to spectacles for men. There are many styles to choose from. All you need to do is select a frame that is perfect for your face shape. These frames come in various shapes.
You can check out the oval, rectangular, and round frames. While buying these, make sure that you pay attention to your face shape. What might look good on a round face, might not look good on an oblong face. So, make sure that you select a frame that will complement your face shape.
While black-colored frames are quite popular, shades such as amber, redwood, tortoise, brown fade, demi blonde, gray fade, gray smoke, etc., are some of the popular colors. These can be worn by people of all age groups. Well, you can choose from a variety of colors.
If you have a vision problem, you can have powered lenses fitted in these glass frames. You can use these frames for prescription for non-prescription glasses. In fact, these days, many people can be seen sporting stylish sunglasses that have horn-rimmed frames as well.
The popularity of this eyeglass frame have waxed and waned ever since it originated. So, while it's still popular, buy one for yourself.