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How to Stitch a Soft and Warm Hooded Footed Pyjamas for Adults

Once a comfort that was the luxury of childhood, today hooded footed pyjamas have broken age barriers and become extremely popular with adults as well. In this article, we tell you how you can make hooded footed pyjamas.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
It is probably a need for basic comfort that drives people to wear some of the most worn in and cozy clothes when they are sleeping at night. You want to, to repeat a cliche, sleep as peacefully as a baby. Wearing footed pyjamas that also have a hood not only takes you back to the days when you were a kid without any worries but also allows you to be extremely comfortable. While till a few years ago, these pyjamas were considered an option only for children, today there are many manufacturers who have started making these cozy clothes for adults as well.
So, what is the reason for their popularity amongst adults? Very simply, one of the main reasons why these pyjamas are so popular as the simple comfort that they provide to the wearer. They are warm, cozy, and extremely soft, which make it the perfect solution for cold winter nights. If your family likes to wear matching night suits, it is extremely easy to find matching hooded footed pyjamas for the entire family. And most importantly wearing these fun pajamas are an instant time travel method to relive the happy days of your childhood.
Making Hooded Footed Pyjamas
There are many companies who have branched out from kids wear to make adult footed pyjamas and therefore, it is extremely easy to find these in many different styles and sizes. You can also find these pyjamas in a variety of materials, from fleece and flannel for winter wear to cotton for use in the summer, the range is quite wide.
If you are worried about the ease and convenience of a one piece footed pyjama, you could opt for the two piece pyjamas that are easily available in the market. Complete with hoods, these footed pyjamas can be a lot of fun. The easiest part is that making these pyjamas at home can be an easy do it yourself project for the weekend. Just follow the simple instructions given in the article, once you have collected the things that you need to make the pyjamas.
To make hooded footed pyjamas you need flannel pyjamas, matching flannel fabric, spat patterns, non-skid fabric, pins, needles, and thread.
  • Firstly it is important that the flannel fabric you choose matches the flannel pyjamas that you have. It is easier to find matching fabric for plain pyjamas as compared to patterned ones.
  • Now to ensure that you have the proper measurements, draw out the foot pattern on the non-skid fabric using your slippers. The shape of the pattern does not necessarily have to match the sole instep and can be slightly more oval in shape. Ensure that the sole is larger in size as compared to the slipper, so that you have extra fabric for your seams.
  • Next you will need to modify the pattern for the spat. The spat is a shoe accessory that you can use to cover the instep and the ankle. While the patterns available in the market will give you a basic shape, it may be too short to cover your foot, and it will definitely not be the same width as the legs of your pyjamas. You will need to widen the top of the spats so that they fit the legs of the pyjamas.
  • You will also need to ensure that each side of the spat is wide enough to go around half the perimeter of the leg of the pyjama. The angled side of the spat will also need to be extended, and the back of the same should be long enough to reach the heel's bottom. At the same time it is important that the sloped side of the spat be long enough to cover the toe of the sole pattern that you have cut out. Allow extra fabric for the seams. The curved area of the spat is the part that will be around the sole region.
  • Now cut out four pieces of the modified spat pattern from the flannel fabric that you have bought so that you have two pieces for each foot.
  • Next you need to start the process of sewing. You can use pins to hold the pieces together while sewing. Ensure that the spat fits your foot easily and has two openings, one at the base of the spat, and one at the neck. The opening at the spat base and the size of the oval non-skid sole that you have cut out need to match. Sew in the second spat.
  • Now that both the spats have been sewn in, you can pin the sole to the bottom of the spats with the right sides together. Sew it in a way so that the non-skid fabric is inside. Sew all the way and then trim the seam. When you turn it right side out, this will look like a shoe. You can now sew the second spat.
  • Once both the spats are ready, you can attach it to the pyjamas. Turn the pyjamas inside out and put one of the little shoes that you have made inside the leg of the pyjamas. You will have the right side of the pyjamas and the shoe together and you can pin it together so that the toe will be placed right off the front of the pyjama. Now sew it around the pyjama leg. Repeat it for the second leg.
As you can see making footed pyjamas for adults is very simple. If you want to create hooded tops, you can easily cut out a hood in the same fabric and attach it to the top to create hooded footed pyjamas. These pyjamas may not be the most stylish but they are definitely one of the most comfortable options out there.