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A Guide to Buying High-waisted Shorts

Rutuja Jathar Nov 3, 2018
High-waisted shorts have always been in vogue. Here are some interesting patterns that are available and how to wear them.
The vintage fashion trend of high-waisted shorts had become mainstream again during the year 2007, when many celebrities opted for them over the low-waisted pants and skirts. Many fashion bloggers and celebrity gossip columnists upheld them.
Today, these shorts are extremely popular, especially amongst the fans of Mary-Kate Olsen's and Fergie's. High-waisted pants, shorts, skirts, and skinny pants are more popularly chosen over those bulky and wide leg low-rise pants. These shorts suit most body types and they actually offer a better fitting than the low-waist jeans.


You can find numerous patterns of this voguish type of fashion clothing. In fact, you can get a bit creative and develop a unique pattern of your own too. All you need to do is, gather a cute fabric and zero down a trendy pattern for sewing shorts. You can also find some trendy patterns if you surf the Internet, fashion stores and designer boutiques.

Pattern #1

This pattern is not too high rise and hence people who want to keep it a bit conventional can definitely opt for them. You can modify them in the hips, while keeping their height below or around the navel. They bear a row of buttons on each side seam and they open from both the sides.
Linen and cotton are the perfect fabrics to make high-waisted shorts. To make them more stylish, you can use a fabric of different color and make an additional belt that goes around the waistband. They are perfect for summer outings.

Pattern #2

This is a superb pattern. These are not exactly shorts, but are a combination of high-waisted skirts and shorts, also known as 'skorts'. They look great with linen, cotton or other blended materials. They look like skirts from the front and look like shorts from behind, giving them a casual appearance, which is worth carrying on any casual social gathering.

Pattern #3

This is a comfy version of the high-waisted shorts. They are pleated shorts, that makes them more unique. However, if you do not like pleats, you can avoid it by getting a straighter version. You can find them or make them with gabardine or lightweight denim fabric. They look great for the classic spring parties and all the other casual occasions.

How to Wear Them?

Though anyone can wear them, they are more suited to people having a straight, apple, or hourglass body type. Once you are aware about your body type, then all that you need to do is to bring the correct pair of shorts for yourself. For that, you need to decide whether you want an all dressed up style or a casual style.
Now, you also need to accentuate the shorts. Not to hide them is the first rule. Thus, wear a short top or a shirt which can be tucked in, if necessary. You can also opt for ruffle tops. If you fancy layering it, then you can opt for a blazer or a cardigan as well.
You also need to be a little more careful while selecting fashion accessories to go with your shorts. As a thumb rule, try to keep it as simple as possible and hence, wear extremely less accessories like a very narrow belt made of metal, leather, plastic or any of your favorite decorative material.
Wear high-heeled shoes and for a hipster look, go for flat shoes or sandals. Lastly, if you must, then carry a short strap handbag, that will hit way above your waistline. You can wear a simple form of fashion jewelry, like a plain metal chain or large earrings. Here are some pictures for you, to understand the concept of high-waisted shorts better:
Trying out bold fashion trends can be awkward for many of you, but if being bold is your muse, then high-waisted shorts are worth giving a try.