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Struggling to Find a Perfect Pair of High-waisted Jeans? We'll Help

High-waisted Jeans
Yes, you heard it right! High-waist jeans are again in fashion. Read on to know more about this fashion trend for both, men and women.
Kanika Khara
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Low-waist jeans have been quite popular amongst men and women. However, we all know that fashion is like a pendulum and designers like to swing from one style to another, and so, the skinny high-waisted jeans are again in fashion rebelling against the super-low rise ones. Many celebrities, like Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez, have recently been sporting these new trend.
High-waist Jeans
Originally, high-waisted jeans were introduced for work, but with so many variations in their designs and styles, these jeans have now become a fashion statement. In fact, classic high-waist jeans are still a hot favorite among many people. Lately, the most preferred style of jeans amongst men and women were the low-waist jeans and very rarely would anyone buy the ones with a high waist. However, it is the latest fashion trend nowadays, especially the ones with open legs and skinny fit. These jeans make you have a better posture and are usually more flattening for your stomach. Hence, these jeans help you to have a slender figure, provided you do not have love handles. You could go for a long top that covers any problems with exaggerated features and flaunt these jeans.
How to Wear
Here are some tips on how to pick the best pair of high-waisted jeans that will make you look fabulous:
  • Avoid purchasing or wearing jeans that have extra fabric in the pocket area. Since the main purpose of wearing high-waist jeans is to make your tummy look flatter, extra fabric can create the potbelly effect. In fact, pick jeans that have pockets placed a bit lower, without being too small or too large.
  • Ensure that the jeans you wear are snug and fit you well, i.e., they should not be sag in the waist, crotch, or butt area.
  • Avoid jeans having whiskering and fading on the thighs and in the butt region, as fading highlights those regions and whiskering creates horizontal lines across the thighs, which is unflattering and looks exceptionally bad from behind.
  • Since high-waist jeans make your legs look longer and body slender, if you are wearing a wide-leg style jean, pair it with wedges or high heels, as they will make you look even taller and thinner.
  • Try to wear a fitted top and do not forget to tuck in your shirt, as you will look like a giant muffin otherwise. Also, while tucking the shirt in, do not pull the blouse or shirt out/in too much, as it will either add volume to your chest region or make you look stuffy.
Apart from these, to add more style to your look while wearing a pair of these jeans, you can use jewelry or a scarf. If you do not have a flat tummy but still desire to wear these jeans, you can accessorize them with a skinny belt to draw attention to your high-waist style than to your tummy. Wear them with different accessories and create your own style statement.