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Artistic Handcrafted Jewelry Box Designs

Poushali Ganguly Nov 1, 2018
Your precious jewelry can be stored and preserved in a variety of attractive handcrafted wooden jewelry boxes. Take a look at some of the styles of these boxes.
Handcrafted wooden boxes were quite popular in Renaissance and Elizabethan times and the fad is taking an upward move in modern times as well. They are quite in fashion and are being made with different kinds of woods to get a different feel and shape altogether.
Companies have taken a plunge big time to bring handmade jewelry boxes into the market, which is giving a boost to an otherwise small-scale industry.
The finish of these jewelry boxes is better than what we used to get. Beauty and functionality has been merged in an efficient manner and the lost craft of handcrafting is revitalized.
These are available in all shapes and sizes and you would certainly get one that would meet your aesthetic needs besides serving the ulterior purpose. Boxes are available for both men and women.

Vintage Style

There are boxes that are available with inside dividers, one for each kind of jewelry. They also provide plenty of space that can be used for storing your precious items like necklaces, watches, etc.
These are one-of-a-kind jewelry boxes, which are like family keepsakes because of the classic look that they have.

Bandsaw Boxes

These boxes are made from one single, solid block of wood. There are no joints and the boxes are not made of strips of thin wood. They do not have seams and the covers of these boxes are marvelously crafted. It is cut as a chunk from a single piece of wood.
Then the inner pocket is cut out, sanded, and sealed for a better finish. The top of the box is brocaded with figures or at times the burls are kept on the veneer to give it a more rustic look. Band saw jewelry boxes come in shapes like 'whale play' which also have handles to pull out the drawer kind of storage spaces.
Tsunami Design

The body and the handles of the 'Tsunami' jewelry box are made with Cherry wood. It has four drawers, which meet the storage needs of all your jewelry.
Tide Design

This jewelry box is made of Cherry wood and Sapele. The design is unique and as the name suggests, this double drawer box resembles ocean's waves. Each drawer in this box is divided into two compartments, thus making it a great choice to store jewelry, money, and other small items.

Handcrafted Trinket Box

Trinket boxes are smaller in size than a jewelry box and they have legs and accents. In spite of being small, there is enough storage space where you can store necklaces, watches, and the like. It would look very elegant if you place it in your bedroom or on the mantle.
There are trinket boxes that look like wooden liquid soap containers or salt and pepper containers. These are made in innovative shapes of cubes, cylinders, and more.

Men's Jewelry Box

Men can keep their cufflinks, tiepins, and many more accessories in these boxes.
There is a box called 'Men's Valet' in which the two side lids can be opened and one can store a watch, a ring, or a pair of cufflinks in the space provided. A space to keep the keys and a billfold is also provided, which would save you from all the hassles of misplaced papers and money.
You can definitely get your jewelry boxes customized so that you can define and design your requirements in that essential part of your dressing table. There are boxes that are big and have up to six drawers and some are as small as a snuffbox.