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How to Choose Gym Clothes

Tulika Nair Dec 13, 2019
Do you want tips on selecting the perfect gym attire? Here, we give you all the information, you will possibly need on choosing proper clothes while you work out.
Why do we need to wear a specific kind of clothes while working out? This is a question that many people have in their heads, but seldom ask, at the risk of being nicknamed idiotic or stupid. The reason that gym clothes need to be well picked is because they need to enable our body to cool down.

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After any form of exercise, our body tends to sweat, due to increased heartbeat, breathing, and impact on our muscles, joints, and bones. These clothes should not interfere with the cooling down of the body.
Ensure that the gym clothes are comfortable and fitted, and do not get caught in the equipment while exercising.
Choosing sweat wicking fabrics that use capillary action to absorb the sweat, cools your body. Choose footwear, preferably running shoes that give ample support to your feet.

For Women

Sure, you are not going to get the award for the most stylish woman around depending on the clothes you wear to the gym, but that does not mean that you slip on the baggy old T-shirt that belongs to your father, and strut to the gym. Whatever the type of workout you perform, your fitness clothes need to be comfortable, and allow you to move around freely.
The best tops to wear to the gym are sports bras and crop tops that provide good support, and the same time, minimal coverage of the body prevents any kind of irritation. Or opt for support vests that gives support of a sports bra.
If you are not comfortable wearing crop tops and similar clothes, you can also wear casual T-shirts that fit well. There are many clothing and apparel companies that have introduced designs, that combine functionality and fashion in the perfect way.
Skirts and shorts are perfect for gym wear, as they are extremely comfortable. If you are not sure about exposing your legs, you can opt for gym pants in fashionable styles, like capris, palazzo pants, etc. You can also team skirts with leggings.

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While the look is important, functionality takes precedence. Do not buy a particular gym suit just because it looks good on you. Consider its functionality as the most important factor, because you need to perform strenuous workouts, which requires ease and comfort. Look for details like pockets for iPods, keys, etc.
There are some basics that women should definitely include in their outfit for the gym, like a light jacket or sweatshirt, a workout tank, well-fitting, comfortable shoes and socks.
Cheap clothes can be found at most departmental stores that have an assortment of affordable workout clothes.

For Men

Let's face it. While trying to pretend that they hardly care about the clothes they wear, men tend to be quite particular about how they appear to someone else, especially the opposite sex.
Most people believe that a gym is one of the best places to find someone interesting. It is no wonder then, that making a decision about which clothes to wear becomes a little difficult.
As mentioned earlier, while choosing gym clothes, the most important thing to keep in mind is comfort.
If you are not comfortable working out in what you are wearing, chances are that you are going to stop earlier than you should.
In any circumstance, do not wear polyester, unless you want other people at the gym to avoid you like the plague. Proper fit does not mean that the T-shirt should stick to your body, but at the same time, it should not also be very loose.

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Try to stick to T-shirts that are in darker shades, as it well help your body cool down, and also not reflect dirt as much as, say, a white T-shirt would. If you can afford, you can opt to buy one of those lightweight stretchable fabrics, which are appropriate for workouts.
As a guy, avoid wearing spandex. It is the worst possible wardrobe mistake that any guy can commit while going to the gym. If you want to wear shorts, stick to cotton shorts that fall just below your knee.
You can also opt to wear sweatpants, if you are conscious about wearing shorts. If you are comfortable wearing them, you can also opt for Yoga clothes or stretch pants. There are many brands of shoes available in the market that you can choose from, according to what appeals to you, and what matches your workout routine.
You can choose from among shoes for running, basketball, tennis, and cross training. Always wear socks with your shoes. Unless you have long hair that interferes with the workout, try to avoid wearing a hairband. It is not a look that many men can carry off well. If weight training is an integral part of your workout, wear weight gloves.
Avoid wearing any jewelry other than a watch. Please carry a towel to wipe off the sweat and carry extra clothes to change into after an extreme workout session. These were just some of the tips you can keep in mind while choosing your gym outfit.
It is a daunting task to find the right clothes to wear while working out. There are many clothing lines out there that specialize in sportswear and gym apparel.