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A Busy Person's Guide for Buying the Best Leg Warmers

Sheetal Mandora Apr 28, 2019
Buying leg warmers can be tricky business, if you don't pay attention to a few minor details. Count this post as a guide for buying leg warmers to make the process stress-free.

Not Just an 80s' Fad

Leg warmers may have become popular in the early 80s, but today, modern trend-setters wear them with tons of layers while keeping the monochromatic color palette intact.
Every purchase has a purpose, even if most men argue that women love to shop for no reason whatsoever. For any woman, the desire to buy clothes (and many, many other wonderful things) doesn't really require a reason, but a purpose.
It's the need that pulls us closer to items we decide to own, and they don't have to be a part of the latest fashion trend. So, why should leg warmers be any different?

Tips and Suggestions to Follow

Ever since their popularity in the early 1980s, leg warmers have become indispensable for dancers. But their journey doesn't end here. For those who love to experiment with clothes, leg warmers are but another addition in their wardrobes. But before they become a permanent add-on in yours, it is important to know what to look for when buying them.

Know the different types of leg warmers.

You walk into the store, ask the sales staff to direct you to where the leg warmers are, and your heart skips a beat when you see the collection. There are so many varieties out there that will definitely leave you bamboozled.
So, first and foremost, know why you want to purchase them. As mentioned earlier, there are various purposes for wearing leg warmers. So, what's yours?
For dance - Not just a must for ballet dancers, but many women wear them for different dance forms. They can be pulled to cover the top of the feet and fit under the foot. While dancing, they don't leave the heels exposed, preventing the dancer from slipping.
For fashion - If you think that woolen leg warmers are all that are available, think again.
With various choices in color, pattern, and style, leg warmers come in different materials, such as Lycra, silk, cotton, acrylic, nylon, faux leather, chenille, faux fur, polyester, fishnet, etc.
For athleticism - While doing different physical activities, wearing leg warmers can help keep your leg muscles warm. They also protect your skin from the changing weather, regardless of your activities and time of the year. As they start at the ankle and go till the midpoint on your thighs, leg warmers make a perfect addition for athletes.

Measure your legs for a proper fit.

Regardless of what you're shopping for, one size doesn't necessarily fit all. Every brand is unique, with minute differences in each. Which is why, before you pick a pair of leg warmers for yourself, have the exact measurements ready.
If you've ever tried one before, you'll know that leg warmers are not baggy; they provide a snug fit. However, one size too small can mean disaster on many fronts. Hence, you need to measure your thighs (midpoint), knees, calves, and ankles.

Prefer to look around at different stores.

Even though you have a favorite store to shop in, keep your options open. You can find exclusive leg warmers in different department stores and online sites.
So, make sure you've exhausted all your options and found a pair (or two, three, four) that suits your needs. This way, you'll be able to coordinate different leg warmers with several outfits.
Did you know that some women like to wear leg warmers on their arms? It may sound weird to you, but wearing them on your arms does have a few perks. You can pass them off as layered t-shirt without having to wear extra clothing. Plus, you can mix bold-colored leg warmers with neutral-colored clothes to give your ensemble an immediate color pop.
While shopping for leg warmers, know this―comfort is your best friend. Just because a particular color, style, fabric, or print is in vogue this season, doesn't mean you automatically have to purchase them. Remember-shop smart, dress sharp