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Ghetto Prom Dresses

Fashion Ideas to Choose the Best Ghetto Prom Dresses

If you are looking for different patterns of ghetto prom dresses, here are some unique ideas that will serve well for the prom night you are looking forward to.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
Well tailored designs fitting perfectly and made up of fabrics dyed with flashy hues, is the perfect depiction of a ghetto dress. You can opt for this sartorial elegant theme for attending proms and parties. You will undoubtedly look attractive and graceful when you choose the right kind of dress for yourself.
Ghetto Prom Fashion
Beautiful Teenage Girls Going to the Prom Outdoors
You cannot deny the fact that ghetto has inspired and created some of the most fashionable prom dresses. The prom costumes have unique styles which are complemented with accessories and makeup. An important thing that you must remember while wearing a ghetto dress is, be confident and flamboyant enough to carry the bold fashion. Teens and tweens are fond of ghetto dresses owing to their vibrant and sexy appeal.
Choose cotton as the fabric for a daytime prom. Pick up bright colors like sunshine yellow and orange for your prom dress. You can either purchase a ready-made dress or get it stitched from a dress designer. Bright floral patterns, checkered and rainbow prints are commonly infused in ghetto dresses.
Anyone who can pull on a sassy and seductive look can wear a tad moderately exposing dress. You can try halter and cowl necks, off-shoulders, long sleeves or sleeveless dresses. Some popular designs include gowns with deep cuts extending from thighs till the feet, multiple sections from the waistline and odd cuts incorporated randomly in the dress.
You can also wear backless gowns or design the dress with fancy straps, ribbons and laces. Touch of bright red, blue, yellow, green, and pink would always make your ghetto dress look better in a prom night. Satin, chiffon, silk, and organza are ideal fabrics for evening dresses. You will also look gorgeous in a winged and feathered dress. Attach those accessories on the sleeves and waistline of the dress and go for a contrast look.
Other than dresses, you can also try short skirts, macro minis, long skirts, pencil skirts, and free-flowing skirts. Similar to dresses, your skirt will also have bold colors and funky prints. You can team your skirt with shiny rexin and leather jackets, fancy lycra blouses with metallic buttons and t-shirts with catchy quotes and captions.
Accessories with Ghetto Dresses
Your prom attire will be incomplete without accessories. There is no convention for wearing only matching accessories. However, since you have dressed up like a ghetto, then your accessories should also be bright and glittery.
You can accessorize yourself with necklace, wristbands, earrings, hair bands, and finger rings. Braid your hair with fancy pins and clips, extensions, etc. You can also pleat your hair, tie buns and highlight with bold colors. High heels, bright-colored shiny sandals and boots complement well with ghetto dresses.
Ghetto dresses have mix match of colors, odd cuts and garish designs. Deck up elegantly and enjoy the prom.