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Try Not to Be Enchanted By These Fabulous Garden Party Dresses

Garden Party Dresses
If you have been invited for a garden party, you will be wanting to know about some ideas for suitable dresses for the function. This article will provide you with some information on the kinds of dresses that you can wear for a garden party.
Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
How to Dress for a Garden Party
Though most people think that garden parties are casual affairs, it need not be so in all cases. Rather, such functions can be formal or semi-formal affairs according to the event or occasion, for which the party is organized. Thus, if you are confused about the attire that you should wear for the party, the best thing you can do is to look for clues in the invitation. Most people mention the kind of party, or the dress code in the invitation. If these aspects are not mentioned, the type of card, as well as the wordings can help you in understanding the kind of function that is being planned. This will make it easy for you to select the perfect attire.
For Men
If you are invited for a formal garden party, you have to wear a proper formal attire complete with a coat and a tie. However, choose clothes that are made up of comfortable materials. Also, they should not make you too warm on a sunny day. One good option would be to choose a shirt, trouser, and jacket made up of linen. On the other hand, if you have to attend a semi-formal function, you can just wear the shirt, slacks, and tie without a coat.
Shirts in pastel shades will also look great for such parties. Dress according to a theme if the function demands it. If you do not want to spend money by buying dresses that you would never wear, it will be a good idea to rent them. Apart from the clothes, it is also important to think about the shoes that you have to wear for the party. Do not make the mistake of wearing casual footwear. Some other options are dark driving shoes, loafers, etc.
For Women
The most important thing that has to be kept in mind is the material of the dress, in case of women. One of the best party dresses would be a light colored one made up of lightweight material, like cotton or linen. Though white is a color that most women prefer for a garden party, the best dress would be one that has floral prints, designs, or patterns. You can also opt for a vintage dress for a garden party, which is made up of elegant fabric like chiffon, silk, etc. Though it is fine to have a sleeved dress for the garden party, dresses that are sleeveless, off shoulder, or those having a halter neck will go well with the concept of such a party. Another thing with these dresses is that they should suit your body shape and should not be too tight.
Along with the dress, it is also important to select appropriate accessories that go well with it. You can add a light jacket, cardigan, or a blazer, which goes well with the color of your dress. Wear simplistic jewelry like a small chain with an elegant pendant, earrings, and a bracelet. When it comes to footwear, it is best to avoid high-heeled sandals or stilettos. Wear a nice pair of flat heeled sandals, which matches the color of your outfit. Though many people prefer to wear sunglasses for a garden party to protect their eyes from sun, it is actually not a good idea as it becomes a barrier between that person and the other guests. Hence, the best way to protect your eyes will be to wear a fashionable hat. Avoid wearing hats that have bows, extravagant laces, etc. Rather, you should opt for a large straw hat, which gives an elegant look, as well as prevents the sun's rays from reaching your eyes.
However, if you do not get the perfect outfit, there are many sites on Internet where you can look for good dresses. Whatever type of dress you choose for the garden party, make sure that it is something that goes well with your own dressing style and personality.
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