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Awesome Funky Earring Designs That are Too Good to Miss

Mamta Mule Oct 23, 2018
Earrings are one of the most adored fashion accessories for women. Finding a matching pair for each outfit is a tricky task, women won't ever get tired of! Here's more about the funky earrings for women.
A small accessory is enough for women to make a fashion statement. Of course it has to be a visible and prominent piece. A pair of earrings is one such accessory that hardly any woman can do without.
Donning a cool pair of these, she looks even more beautiful and stylish. This particular accessory plays an important role in completing the attire.
No need to mention the number of types of these funky earrings and the numerous designs available in each one. So, here's more about some popular types of this beautiful fashion accessory.

Earrings with Studs

These are very popular, as they prove to be pretty versatile. They look simply awesome and go well with any attire. These come in materials like plastic, diamonds, and pearls. Those made of plastic are available in various colors, easy to match with your cool t-shirts or semi-casual shirts.
Plastic ones come in various shapes as well, which make them a favorite of many little girls. You can also opt for the pearl stud earrings, which can be perfectly paired with the formal shirts and tops.
Studded diamond earrings are known to be the best ones in the fashion world. This is because of their extreme versatility. Pair them with any outfit and they are perfectly suitable, while also brightening up your look.
Available in various colors, shapes, sizes, and types of diamonds these are loved by women of all age groups. What's more, an equally popular trend is the studded diamond earring for men.

Hoop Earrings

Hoops are also highly popular. They are available in a number of sizes, from small ones that stay against the ears, to the big earrings which can go up to the chin level.
The small and medium sized ones look pretty with formal wear and of course, with casual wear as well. They are commonly available in round shape. Many more designs are available. These come in a studded pattern, where the circle is thicker. Some come with beads or diamonds hanging from the center.
These can also consist of more than one rings within the main ring. These are available in plastic and various metals. The plastic ones that come in thick, flat ring have stylish design patterns, these are the best ones to be picked to match a designer outfit. Some also have fabric or threads wrapped over to make a lovely piece.
Funky silver earrings are commonly available in hoop pattern along with added designs. Small studded hoops are a popular type amongst the styles for men.

Clip-on Earrings

Clip-ons are a commonly opted by teens. They usually come in press pattern. They are easy to put on and available in numerous patterns and materials.
The dangle or dangler earrings in clip-on style is one of the most preferred fashion accessories. These look prominent and are the best type that highlight your face.
Pairing them with a heavily embroidered outfit or sequined top is an easy way to get a completely dazzling look. For those who leave their locks open or have long bangs, danglers are a smart option, as other ones would hardly be visible. You can also find a pair of small clip-ons to spice up a simple dress.
Apart from the mentioned types, there are lots of types in earrings and the number goes on increasing every day. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the market and get the funkiest pairs of jewelry to spice up your outfits and look trendy!