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Formal Dress Patterns

Tulika Nair Sep 29, 2018
Even if you are not a movie star, and do not have the red carpet to walk down, you never know when you will have to flaunt a formal dress at a party. Here are some designs for a formal apparel that you can wear on a glittering evening out.
Not everyone is Cinderella, whose fairy godmother could, with her wand, find her glass slippers and a gown, more gorgeous than any made in the lands far and near.
Normal human beings have to depend on malls and designer clothing from boutiques (if we have enough money), for that perfect dress, that will make us the belle of the ball. But, how do we choose that perfect dress? How do you know which design befits a formal occasion? Here is a quick guide on the designs and patterns that you could opt for.

Evening Dress Designs

There are several styles of formal dresses that you can opt for, and if you stitch well, you could also modify basic designs with different sewing patterns and innovations, to give your dress that unique touch, that will make it stand out in the sea of ready-made, mall-bought outfits.
Fashion is ephemeral, albeit cyclic in nature. Most fashion trends do a turnabout, and return to do the rounds of the ramp. So, don't throw away that gorgeous dress of your mother from her college days; just modify it, to give it that modern touch, and flaunt your vintage look.

Backless Beauty

A halter pattern adds just the right amount of panache to the look of a dress. It is the perfect formal pattern that brings out the feminine side in every woman.
Whether you want the length of your dress to be short or long, its material and appropriate accessories can make your dress just right for an evening at the ball. If you are not comfortable baring your arms, you can always wear a bolero jacket, a shrug or carry a stole wrapped around your arms.
To give the dress that extra zing, you can make the dress out of satin, and use lace or net to create the halter knot. You could also opt for a dual toned outfit in colors that complement each other.

Strapless Gown

Every woman dreams of wearing a gorgeous evening gown, however, it is not something that you can wear to any occasion.
If you are attending a charity or going to your prom, then grab the chance to wear a full length gown. And, if you can carry off the strapless look, then be ready to be floored by a flurry of compliments that are going to come your way. A strapless dress exudes glamor, like no other pattern.
Let the pattern be such that, the upper body of the dress hugs every curve, and let the lower body of the dress i.e., the skirt be either an A-line cut or a full bodied billowing, flowy skirt. If you like bling, then you could use sequins on the dress, but make sure that it is tasteful.
Strapless gowns are also popular formal wedding dresses.

Princess Cut

Designers at times consider royalty for inspiration. Evening dresses that we flaunt with so much pride have all been inspired by the little boxes of colored pictures with the princesses in flowing dresses in pastel colors.
The colors of the dresses have changed, and the patterns have become a little more comfortable, but which girl does not want to look like a princess, with flowing skirts, dresses made with lace and net, full-sleeved, bell sleeve wonders, which makes you look like a fairy.
If you are a petite woman, then designing a dress, which gives a modern touch to royal clothing should hold you in good stead.

Wrapped Silhouette

Though not very popular among formal designs for an evening wear, a wrap dress does wonders for the silhouette of women, who are on the heavier side. If designed with the right fabrics, a wrap dress can look elegant and graceful, and can be one of the perfect formal party dresses.
Obviously, wrap dresses need to be shorter in length, but they accentuate just the right body parts to make you look beautiful without being conscious about your weight issues. It is also a perfect cocktail dress.