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How to Make Fluffy Leg Warmers

This is How You Can Make Your Own Creative Fluffy Leg Warmers

Planning to add fluffy leg warmers to your party wear? Can't find the ones you want? Why not make them then? Here's how ...
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Options! So many!
Add sequins and metal strips to give your fluffies a funky look. To make something cute, use bows and ribbons. To stand out, animal prints are your best bet.

Fluffy leg warmers, commonly called fluffies, are nothing but a less-sophisticated version of everyday leg warmers. Made from faux fur, these usually come in bright colors. Though commonly worn till the knee, calf-length fluffies aren't uncommon. However, with changing trends, these sizes can also change. Fluffies come with an elastic band on the top, which holds them in place, and keeps them from falling down. As for the patterns, there is a huge variety.
Step 1
Start with measuring your legs, length- and width-wise. Width-wise, measure where your legs are the widest. Length wise, measure the height that you want―knee-, calf-, or ankle-length. Remember to add a few inches more to the length―say about five inches―to leave room for the creases, elastic band, and seam.
Step 2
Take the fluffy fabric of your choice and cut out two rectangles, according to the width and length measurements taken in step 1. You can opt for fabrics such as short, fake fur and fleece.
Step 3
Place the two rectangles over one another and sew length-wise, only one of the sides. Remember the front side of the fabric should be on the inside when you are sewing, so that no threads are visible from the outside when you're done.
Step 4
Open up the two rectangles. Keep an elastic band, about half an inch in width, near the top end of the fabric. Fold enough fabric over it so as to cover it completely. The length of the elastic should be about two inches shorter than the width of the two combined rectangles. Next, sew the elastic and folded cloth together.
Step 5
In the end, sew the other side of the leg warmer. Turn it over to reveal how the warmer actually looks. Repeat all the steps mentioned above to make the second leg warmer and your trendy piece of winter clothing is ready.
Now that you're done making the warmers, you can add items like sequins, metal bands, etc. Choose the color, length, and design of your warmer depending on what look you want to sport. Choosing a color like black will give you multiple opportunities to wear the warmer.