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Fitted Hat Sizes

Always wondered how to buy that hat with the perfect fit? Worry not! This article shows how you can take measurements of your head to find the hat size that's just right for you. Read on...
Fashionhance Staff
The hat, a headgear, can be worn for various reasons. It can be worn for protection or as a part of tradition. In the early 19th century, hats were a symbol of social status and it was against the norm to step out in public without a hat on. Several new designs in hats appeared during this period. Today, the hat has become a fashion accessory with many designs to choose from. A fitted hat is one of them. It's a hat that is available in a specific size and is not adjustable. This makes it all the more important to choose one that fits perfectly. Here's a step-by-step guide to zero in on your hat size from the standard size chart for fitted hats.
How to Determine Your Fitted Hat Size
Why the need for different hat sizes? Well, it's because size of the head varies from person to person and also widely among different geographical regions. The average head size of an American is very different from that of a South-Asian or, for that matter, even an African. So, one single hat size for all can never be the solution. Hence, the necessity for standard hat sizes. The following steps will help you figure your hat size and ensure your hat fits perfectly.
Step 1: Measure
The first step is to place a measuring tape around your head. Do not start measuring from the exact center of your forehead, but a little above it. Or else, you can put on a hat that fits you just fine and measure from the point on your head, where the hat rests. Place the tape in such a way, that it is at the same level round the head and is snug but not too tight. You can also measure with a string and a ruler. Now, note down the measurements you have taken.
Step 2: Compare
Use the hat sizes chart given below to compare your measurements. There are columns for measurements in both inches and centimeters. You can find your exact size as per the UK or US size conventions.
Chart for Standard Fitted Hat Sizes
Metric Inches U.K. Size U.S. Size
Small 54 21 ⅛ 6 ⅝ 6 ¾
55 21 ½ 6 ¾ 6 ⅞
Medium 56 21 ⅞ 6 ⅞ 7
57 22 ¼ 7 7 ⅛
Large 58 22 ⅝ 7 ⅛ 7 ¼
59 23 7 ¼ 7 ⅜
XL 60 23 ½ 7 ⅜ 7 ½
61 23 ⅞ 7 ½ 7 ⅝
2XL 62 24 ¼ 7 ⅝ 7 ¾
63 24 ⅝ 7 ¾ 7 ⅞
3XL 64 25 7 ⅞ 8
65 25 ½ 8 8 ⅛

Now, compare the measurements you have taken with the values given in the table to get a hat size for you. For example, if the circumference of your head is 54 cm or 21 ⅛ inches, the size of the hat you need to go for, will be 6 ¾ in the US. However, if you wish to get a hat for yourself from the United Kingdom, you should go for a size 6 ⅝ hat. This is applicable for all types of hats and caps.
You can even order for a fitted hat that is custom-made. However, if you already own a hat, then you can always alter its size by using custom-sized sweatbands available in the market. It's your hat after all, and wearing it should make you feel at home. Hats off to you for putting in so much effort into selecting the perfect hat size that's ideal for you!