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Fashion Trends Women Should Look Forward to in 2018

Fashion Trends Women Should Look Forward to in 2018
Another year and it's time to rehaul that wardrobe of yours. So, what goes out and what goes in this year? Which clothes can you still wear outside your house and which styles do you need to add to your have-to-ace-this list? Get the scoop on fashion trends that you need to know about in 2018.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Dec 26, 2017
Eternally Stylish
Stylish clothes
Even if there are new trends on and off the season or year, the forever look always has its mark on you. The style which can be used anytime and anywhere is what most of us look forward to. So, here it is...
  • Vintage Dresses
  • Floral Print Tops or Dresses
  • A Sporty Look
Trench Coats
woman in trench coat
The fashion of trench coats never lays off. A beige color coat can go with anything you wear. If you are wearing a cute dress, make sure the length should not exceed your knee. A skinny jeans and a striped top will get perfect with a trench coat, and of course DO NOT forget the stilettos.
A woman wearing a denim jeans and tshirt
Giorgio Armani exclaimed, “Jeans represent democracy in fashion”. The trend of denims is empowering the fashion streets. It goes with casual as well as formal wear. If you are wearing a summer dress a denim jacket makes it look more adorable. If you are wearing a dark shade denim shirt, you can pair it with light color jeans (and vice versa).
Crop Tops
A woman wearing a crop top[
This is the cream of the crop. Any woman would look alluring in a crop top. It can be paired with long ethnic skirts, high waist jeans, pencil skirts, shorts, dungarees and much more. Adding to it you can go with chunky heels. This will definitely make you look stunning.
Boyfriend Clothing
A boyfriend shirt
It came alive when style met comfort, and now it's exclusively fashionable. It is pleasant to wear shirts which are loose, similar to your boyfriend's shirt which goes perfectly with skinny jeans or shorts. Boyfriend jeans are also trending nowadays as it is baggy and provides comfort. Similarly, there are shirt dresses that are a long shirt which is worn as a dress with a waist belt and matched with sporty shoes or boots.
Pretty Pastel
Pastel color outfits
Pastel color outfits will make you look calm yet bold. Instead of bright colors the trend has moved to fade colors which makes you look more elegant. Make sure you wear bold yet classy accessories with them.  If not a pastel outfit then even a black dress can be made to have a pastel look with accessories.
a woman wearing a black skirt on a light blue top
Except for denims, the upcoming year is going to be ruled by skirts. Long or knee length pencil skirts are getting trendy. It may be an office wear which goes with a shirt, or a casual wear with a top and a trench coat. Plain or printed, is your choice but having a skirt in your wardrobe is a must.
Woman in black printed scarf
The scarf is something every woman has in her wardrobe. This is because scarves are all-time favorite accessories. No matter under what age group you fall, scarves are something that will always enhance your look as it goes with anything you wear. This year has brought back the trend of scarves with some new designs like polka dots, animal prints, floral designs and also duo shades of pastel colors.
A woman wearing a jumpsuit
Jumpsuits are something that were invented from the idea of parachuters' or skydivers' costumes. The trend began in 2010 and was highly accepted by the people. So, the good news is, it's back! Yayy ... So, if you have one, then dig it out from your wardrobe, and if not then get one soon. It can be of any type like denim jumpsuits, short jumpsuits, long-sleeved jumpsuits or floral print jumpsuits.
Trends come and go, we all know that. Still, we cannot help ourselves when we see that there's so much that fashion keeps demanding from us every year in every season. We become the eternal style slaves and fortunately, are better for it. So, no one's really complaining, right? Check out your wardrobe so that you won't miss any of the above trends, and if you're missing something, just let yourself out and get them ASAP!!