Fashion trends of 2015

The Fashion Trends to Look Forward to in 2015

New year brings with it new fashion trends, and all the style-conscious individuals out there want to be up-to-date with them. So, in this Buzzle post, we tell you some fashion trends you can definitely look forward to in 2015.
Marsala, color of the year 2015

This year Pantone has declared Marsala as its official color of the year. It's an earthy red wine color that looks equally good on men and women. Plus, it is flattering against most skin tones, and can be used in clothes, makeup, jewelry, or any accessories. So what are you waiting for? It's time to flaunt this earthy color.

Style may be eternal, but fashion changes every year. Even this year has got some trends, that you just simply cannot miss. Yeah, for all those who love to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world of fashion, and are wondering what's the 2015 fashion forecast, here's a list of upcoming trends.

Luckily, nothing creepy or weird features in the 2015 fashion predictions, and this year's all about comfortable style. Some old vogues are coming back, and we are simply glad! Before you head out for that wardrobe overhaul, have a look at what's in, in the upcoming sections.

Fashion Trends 2015


asymmetrical hem

Symmetry may be beautiful, but it's a little boring too. It's all about playing with length this year. So go for asymmetrical hems. They add a dimension, a dose of style, and look stunning.

Trend #2: Gingham Goddess

chic gingham

Gingham is the latest entrant in the trend list. And we are not surprised, it's stylish, comfortable, and very versatile. You can play with colors and patterns, but monotonous outfits definitely look better than the contrasting ones. Gingham makes very elegant formal wear, and colors like dark blue, green, or pretty pastels deserve a notable mention.

Trend #3: It's dress shirt or a shirt dress?

dress shirt

Whatever you call it, it looks super cool is what we say. Your long shirt indeed makes a very sexy dress. You can dress it up by adding knee-length boots, a stylish belt, and a chic bag. Perfect for a day out with your girlies. Add a little bling if you are wearing it for a party or a night out.

Trend #4: It is the return of FLARE

flared pants

No need to panic girls, the skinnies are still here, but flared jeans are making a comeback. Palazzos, culottes, boyfriend jeans all are quite the rage this year. The common theme is comfort. You can flaunt these with casual tees, or formal blouses, the choice is yours. And yes, they go with all sorts of footwear too. So for a change, if you don't want to wear your tight skinny jeans, no worries, just pick up the loose, comfy ones, and strut around in style. BTW, they do make your pins look longer and slimmer (yay!).

Trend #5: Frill or Fringe

frilly ways

A little frill or fringe can instantly add a soft feminine touch to any dress or blouse. Plus, frill looks so pretty, doesn't it? You can add some frill to the sleeves or neckline as well.

Trend #6: Doll it up... in Lace!

lace it up

Lace is sexy, period. We are so glad that it is in trend this year. A lace top or a neat lace dress, has the power to instantly make you look beautiful, feminine, and stylish. Plus, it gives a girlish charm to the entire look. You can even add a little lace as a frill to your frock.

Trend #7: Suede Awesomeness

suede awesomeness

Yeah, suede's the new entrant on the scene, and what an entry it has made. It is basically a type of leather, and used to make shoes or jackets. But, now you can even flaunt a chic suede dress.

Trend #8: Plain and solid... yeah!

plain denims

Stop the distress, get a little neat! Don't worry we are talking about your jeans. This year no torn jeans, just rich solid ones. Plain jeans are back, and although we loved our ripped jeans, we couldn't be more glad.

Trend #9: Bohemian Girl

romantic bohemian

We love bohemian, don't we? Our obsession with all things bohemian hasn't ended, and I don't think it will, anytime soon. Long dresses, hair in loose waves, strappy sandals, and natural makeup. Pretty picture, isn't it?

Trend #10: Small Prints

small prints

The yesteryear was ruled by bolder, eye-catching prints. It's time to say goodbye to those and adapt the miniature version. Smaller prints are totally in. Choose from polka dots, floral prints, geometrical designs, or abstract patterns, but go for smaller and more compact ones.

Trend #11: Military Style

military style

Military has always inspired fashion. Right from khaki pants to jackets, you can choose from the different ways in which you can incorporate this trend in your wardrobe.

Trend #12: Natural or Bold?

ombre effect

Ombre was the biggest trend last year, and continues to be a hit this year as well, albeit with a more natural look. Don't go for obvious partitions of hair, but subtle sun-kissed locks, and natural gradation of color. If you want to opt for bold colors, then purple is the color for the season.

Trend #13: The Pinks and the Blues

pastel paradise

Yes, pastels are becoming the much sought-after hair color in 2015. A lot of celebrities are flaunting pink this year. Give your hair that much-needed makeover with some soft shades of these gorgeous colors. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult for all the dark-haired ladies to get this look right, unless you want to go blonde.

Trend #14: Break the Conventions

foot fantasies

You don't need to wear stilettos every time you wear a dress, a comfy pair of sneakers can do the trick. Flats and sports shoes are making a huge comeback, and you can pair them with your skirts and dresses too. If you can't live without your heels, then platform ones are the latest trend.

Trend #15: Color Craziness

pop of color

color mania

Bright colors... they can literally cheer you up. But don't become a color bomb, decking yourself head to toe in bright neon colors. It's all about playing with colors. A pink bag will instantly jazz up your monotonous black outfit, and will lend the perfect effect. Try to keep one accessory colorful, and the rest should be subtle.

Trend #16: Choker style

choker necklace

We love this trend, choker necklaces look absolutely chic. You can wear them on any kind of outfit; go for simple ones for a casual look, and big dressy ones for those special events.
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striped shirt

Yeah, they are still here. Probably will stay forever, as stripes make one of those all-time style classics. Whether it is a formal shirt or a casual t-shirt, you can sport them anywhere.

Trend #18: Stylish Suede

suede style

A smart suede jacket is a wardrobe-must this year. It will lend an instant coolness to any look. Add a pair of matching brown boots and you are all good to go.

Trend #19: Faded Jeans

faded jeans

Yes guys, your faded and over-used pair of jeans is still in style. But do avoid the distressed ones, as that is so last-year!

Trend #20: Color Is In!

colorful pants

Purple, blue, or green, flaunt some of the coolest colors of the season with statement pants. Come on guys, it's time you experiment a little, rather than sticking to the conventional black and browns.

Trend #21: Khaki Comfort

cool khaki

Khaki is breathable, light, and looks amazing. This fabric needs to be explored more, and opting for a khaki suit is definitely a very good idea.

Trend #22: Denim + Denim = Awesome

double denim dose

Oh forget those old rules that say play safe, it's time to get out of that comfort zone and get a little risque! Denim is good, and there's never too much of a good thing. Get awesome with a cool denim double dose.

Trend #23: Color me bright

bright is right

From funky sunglasses to bright ties, you've got ample scope to include some color in your wardrobe. Do experiment with patterns and textures along with colors when choosing a tie.

So these were a few basic trends you will see around you this year. Who knows what else may crop up. These days, it doesn't take much time for something quirky to be fashionable! Till then, try to incorporate these according to your comfort level, and yes, stay stylish!