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Fashion Icons of the '70s Who Inspired Generations

If you love the style statement of the seventies, let's see the fashion icons of that era.
Tulika Nair Apr 17, 2019
The seventies was an era that saw a lot of changes. The hippie movement was in its last stages. There was a lot more experimentation with fashion. Mini skirts became popular as did bell-bottomed pants, Lycra, go-go boots, and many other such clothing items.
Who were the fashion-forward celebrities who became responsible for the popularity of most of the fashion trends of the era? There was no shortage of icons then and there were some truly mind-boggling and spell-binding moments in fashion. Take a look at those icons that have truly been an inspiration for fashion lovers.

Jerry Hall

Sure she became more famous for her long-term relationship with Mick Jagger, but the fact remains that American model and actress, Jerry Hall was a great inspiration to the world of fashion.
Discovered at the French Riviera, she belonged to Texas and started her fashion career at a tender age. She became an immediate favorite and charged an astronomical USD 1000 a day. She was a regular on the Studio 54 scene and credited her mother for her love for fashion.

Anjelica Huston

Anjelica Huston was famous for wearing flowing materials that gave her a certain feline quality. With her dark hair and sultry charcoal-lined eyes, she became the it girl in the seventies after having been a staple on the catwalks since the late sixties, when she landed her first cover at the tender age of sixteen.
Of course she soon became Hollywood royalty with her relationship with Jack Nicholson becoming the talk of Tinseltown. Her style statement was moody and eclectic.

Farrah Fawcett

Before the Rachel and Jennifer Aniston became household names, Farrah Fawcett ruled the world of hairstyles. She was the original Charlie's Angel and made feathered hair, flared trousers, and red swimsuits a fashion must.
She had many beauty secrets which included using petroleum jelly to make her eyelashes look shinier. With her blonde feathered haircut which thousands of women all over the world copied, she became THE fashion icon to emulate in the seventies.

Liza Minnelli

This star of the seventies was born to be a fashion icon. After all she had the right genes (her mother was superstar and movie actress Judy Garland). She became the icon she was with her role in the 1972 movie, Cabaret in which she played the role of the innocent yet gutsy Sally Bowles.
Her dramatic, over-the-top makeup, the theatrical bob haircut, made her the style icon that she deserved to be. For the next decade or so, hers was the look to mimic if you wanted a change from the innocent look that was favored on the ramp.

John Travolta

So, with the number of women on this list, maybe it is time for a guy who inspired a thousand men, and no name shines brighter than that of John Travolta.
First with his leather jacket and white tight tee wearing, motorbike-riding role in Grease and then his dancing avatar in Saturday Night Fever, he unleashed some serious fashion into showbiz. The white suit was the look to don for most guys in the seventies. His wardrobe and hairstyle became the talk of the town.
These were just some of the celebrities who were the biggest names in fashion in the seventies. Other honorable mentions include Ali MacGraw, Faye Dunaway, Sex Pistols, Bianca Jagger, Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, and Stevie Nicks.