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Fashion Advice for Women

Fashion Advice for Women
Keeping up with fashion trends is nothing less than a herculean task. So how do you clear the clutter in your head regarding fashion diktats and decide what works for you? Any article on fashion advice will tell you that the best way to be on top of fashion trends is to stick to basics and that is what we concentrate on in this article.
Tulika Nair
Fashion is a lot of things, beautiful, befuddling, bizarre, and bodacious. A dress or a silhouette that can look ethereal and utterly gorgeous on the runway, can look like a disaster from outer space in real life. And if getting the look right is not task enough, you need to ensure that you get the trend right while making it work for your body type and facial structure. Fashion is no more limited to just the clothes you wear. From the bag you carry to the shoes you don, to even the watch on your wrist that serves more than just a functional purpose, fashion dictates almost everything. Getting it right can be easy as long as you stick to a few basics of the game. There are some things that you need to have in your wardrobe, which will ensure that you never go wrong. While fashion trends can be tempting to follow, more often than not they disappear within a month or two, leaving you with clothes that you will never wear again. Sticking to basics while experimenting with silhouettes, cuts, and colors, and developing your own personal sense of style is the best way to stay ahead of the demands of fashion. The best advice for women ever probably comes from Yves Saint Laurent who said, "Fashions fade, style is eternal." Take the advice from one of the biggest names in fashion and concentrate on your style. Being fashionable will fall into place.
Fashion Essentials for Women
In the next few sections, we tell you what the wardrobe essentials for women are; those items of clothing that every woman needs to have in her cupboard. Clothes that she can turn to when she is faced with that familiar feeling of Oh my God, I have nothing to wear. You can never go wrong with these staples safely lodged in your cupboard. Even on your worst fashion day, you will be sure to look like the diva you deserve to be. Follow the simple tips given in this article, to buy clothes and accessories in styles that will flatter you the most.
Business Attire
Business attire has come a long way. From being a strictly male ruled domain, where even clothes for women had a masculine feel about them, today there is a huge range of options for women to choose from. So, what are the things to keep in mind while picking out clothes to wear to work, so that you do not really need to compromise on your personal sense of style? A business formal dress code does not necessarily translate into wearing boring suits in staid colors. Opt for business suits and pant suits in conservative colors but add a touch of color in the form of a brightly colored blouse or a scarf. Most workplaces frown upon over-accessorizing so keep it to a minimum. If your office accepts a slightly casual look, then dress pants, blouses, skirts, jersey knit tops can all be worn to the office. For casual Fridays, stick to the clothes that your office has deemed acceptable. In this section, we take a look at the essentials that ever working woman needs to have in her wardrobe.
Business Suits
Woman in formal suit
In a professional setting, you need to own at least one good suit that you can wear to work. While choosing business suits for women, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. This includes understanding the right fit, fabric, color, etc. If you want only one suit, then opt for a fabric like light weight wool or a blend of cotton. It is important that the fabric be wrinkle free. While picking a suit, one of the most important things to emphasize on is the waistline. A defined waistline will not only flatter your figure but also make you look taller and slimmer. If your torso is short, then opt for a long suit jacket. This also helps conceal a bulky mid section. Colors play an important role in ensuring that your suit flatters you. With monochromatic suits, you will look lean and tall. If you think, you can carry of the look, then try donning a blazer and trousers in different colors. As mentioned earlier, stick to colors like beige, black, gray, blue, brown, etc., for work wear.
White Shirt
Woman in formal white shirt
Why does every fashion guru worth their salt emphasize on the importance of a good white cotton shirt? Well, the answer is simple. There is no basic that is more important to a good wardrobe and no other clothing item that is as versatile. You can dress it down or dress it up, as the occasion demands. You can wear it to work or to a party after, with the right accessories. But how do you pick the perfect white shirt? Here are a few pointers. Choose a shirt with a classically shaped collar that has a good neckline and frames your face well. The fabric should be of good quality and should definitely be durable. Another area you need to pay attention to are the armholes and sleeve head which needs to be well cut, defined, and comfortable. The silhouette of the shirt should be such that it flatters your figure and the length comfortable enough for the shirt to be tucked in or left out. The sleeves of the shirt should end with a slim cuff. These are the most important things to keep in mind while buying that perfect white shirt.
Formal Shirts
Woman in formal shirt
Along with a good white shirt, you need to have more than a few formal shirts that can be worn to your office. For many professionals, cocktail parties after work are a regular event, so you may need formal shirts that are appropriate for a number of occasions. While choosing formal shirts, the first thing to keep in mind, is to pick the right size. Use the tips that have been suggested for choosing a white shirt, where the cut is concerned. For work, the fabric that is best suited for shirts is cotton and you would do well to buy shirts in this fabric. The fit of the shirt and the silhouette of the shirt is very important. Two of the most important things to keep in mind are the colors and the patterns that you opt for. Most professionals prefer plains over prints, but stripes, especially pin stripes can be suitable for office if worn well. Some women also choose checks but it is a pattern that can be slightly dicey to carry off.
Formal Skirts
Woman in formal skirt
An alternative to the slightly masculine pant suit, is to wear a skirt with a jacket in the same color tone. When choosing skirts for office wear, you need to tread the fine line between being well turned out and wearing unacceptable clothing to work. A skirt that flows can be perfect for someone who wants to camouflage a bulkier bottom half, but wearing a skirt like a pencil skirt can be flattering for women with enviable legs. If you are wearing skirts to work remember to choose skirts that end at the knee. Anything shorter is unacceptable and definitely inappropriate. If you do wear a skirt of a shorter length, remember to always wear stockings underneath. The length of the skirt should be such that it allows you to sit comfortably without riding up to indecent lengths.
Woman in formal trouser
When choosing trousers to wear to work, it is important to know that there are three options that you can choose from. The first of these options are the pleated pants which are perfect for when you are looking for a dressy option. If on the other hand, you are looking for something that has a slimming effect, then choose a pair of flat front pants. Cuffed pants are the perfect answer to your wardrobe demands for a board meeting. If you want to take attention away from a not so toned abdomen, then opt for a pair of trousers that zip up on the side and not in the front. Tall women can do well by opting for pants with wide legs. Stick to conservative colors like blacks, blues, grays, and browns. Whites and others tones of the lighter variety can be a great option and look gorgeous on women who are slimmer. If you want the fit of your trousers to be perfect, then it may be a good idea to get the trousers tailored, rather than opting to buy trousers from retail outlets.
Casual Wear
The choice of what to wear when you are just sitting around at home or walking your dog in the park, or even running errands to the supermarket is completely yours but if you follow fashion like it is a religious scripture, then there are some important things that you need to know about women's casual clothing. There are some essential clothing items that every woman should possess for her wardrobe to seem complete. From the right fit of denims to dressy tops, and well fitting jackets, we take a look at the most important casual clothing items that deserve their space in a woman's wardrobe.
Woman in casual jeans
How do you choose the perfect option that can qualify as the best jeans for women? Well, it can be a bit of a task to select well fitting denims. If it fits well at the waist, it is too tight at the thighs. If it sits well at the hips, it hangs loose at the back. The problems with finding a good pair of jeans are endless. With many brands launching custom fit denim lines, you can opt to buy a pair of jeans that is literally made for you. But if that does not seem like an option for you, then try to choose your pair of denims according to your body type. Choosing jeans according to body type is not that difficult, as long as you keep some tips in mind. For pear shaped women, the perfect jeans can be those that have a high back rise and a waistband that is hip flattering. For shorter women, denims with visible seams on the side can make them look taller. For apple shaped women, opting for denims with a thick waistband will help camouflage the bulge of the abdominal area. Remember that the mirror never lies to you and that a woman is her own biggest critic. So, if you love yourself in the pair of denims that you picked out, chances are that you actually look great in them.
Female artist with arm crossed
To choose good jackets, it is important to understand your body type. Without understanding what your body type is, it is practically impossible to pick out a jacket that is flattering for you. For women who have a full figure, mid-thigh jackets with a clean silhouette work best. Avoid visible pockets as they can add bulk to your jacket which can make it unflattering. For someone who is petite, it is important to add volume. Therefore, choose a jacket that adds volume to the upper half of the jacket. This will also draw attention to the upper half of your body. When looking for a jacket that will take attention away from your lower half, then choose one that is straight cut and has a vertical line. You would also do well opting for jackets that flare out towards the end. While jackets with patterns like plaids look really nice, it is important that you possess a jacket in a neutral color, that can be teamed with almost every outfit.
Woman in casual short
Shorts may not seem like an essential in a wardrobe but there is no other casual clothing item that is perfect for hot summer days, when each clothing item that you wear seems like it weighs a ton at least. For a petite woman, tiny shorts or cutoffs are the best options, as they make their legs seem longer than they are in reality. If you want to look good in shorts, it is imperative to choose the right fabric which falls well. Shorts look best on apple shaped women who have a toned lower half which is begging to be showed off in a pair of shorts. To camouflage any excess fat on the tummy area, choose shorts with a thick waistband. It is women who are pear shaped who have the most difficulty in choosing the perfect pair of shorts. These women need to opt for shorts that are structured and in darker shades. Also try to stay away from shorts that are wide at the bottom, opting for slim fits.
Woman in denim skirt
While choosing skirts, the most important thing to keep in mind is to take proper measurements of your waistline, hip, and that area of your abdominal area that is the fullest. You also need to understand which skirt length works the best for you. It is important that you never choose a skirt that ends at the fullest part of your leg, as that will only make you seem heavier than you are. You will also need to decide which style of skirt suits you best and what fabrics you like. From a pleated skirt, a full skirt, straight, fitted, and wrapped skirt, the style options are endless. With skirts as with any other clothing item, it is important that you do not compromise on comfort. Skirts with lining, zippered skirts and skirts with elastic bands can all work very well. For semi-formal events, it is important that you have a few skirts in basic colors in your wardrobe. Also a denim skirt can be the perfect antidote for days on which you are unsure about what to wear.
Woman in casual top
Are you a t-shirt and plaid shirts kind of girl or do you restrict yourself to wearing tops with bows and ruffles? Whatever your personal style statement, it is important to pick out tops that are perfect for your body type. There are many different types of tops to choose from; halters, camisoles, empires, t-shirts, the list is endless. While choosing tops, the thing to remember is to focus on hiding your problem areas. If you have bulky arms, then halters may be the worst style for you. Instead opt for cap sleeves, or three-fourth length tops. For women with a short neck, v-necks and scooped tops can be the perfect option. The cut of the top is another important feature to focus on. Pick the perfect dressy top for yourself and if you cannot decide on what works, consult the owner of the store or a friend. Remember that comfort reigns supreme, and if you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing, it will definitely show.
Any wardrobe is incomplete without dresses. From sundresses to cocktail dresses, you need a perfect dress for every occasion. And while buying a dress, the one thing that definitely needs to be taken into consideration is your body type. Pear shaped women will want to take away attention from their heavier bottom half and will do well to opt for dresses that cinch at the waist in flowing fabrics. Empire cuts work very well too. For curvaceous women, wrap dresses word wonders accentuating their curves in just the right manner. It is important not to choose a dress that is too tight. For women who want to give an illusion of curves, opting for dresses like halters works very well. Let us look at some basic dresses that everyone needs to have in their wardrobe.
Little Black Dress
Woman in black dress
Coco Chanel introduced the idea of the Little Black Dress or LBD as something that would be a long-lasting trend, and that it has been. The LBD is what makes any wardrobe complete. It can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion at hand. The simple rule of fashion when it comes to the LBD is that it needs to be in a style that is simplistic yet elegant, and something not too trendy, as fashion trends die down. As the name suggest, the black dress that you opt for needs to be a short one but the length of the dress ultimately depends on your comfort. If you are uncomfortable with very short hemlines, opt for a LBD that hits your knee. If you have toned legs, then show them off in mini length black dresses.
Cocktail Dress
Woman in black dress
With cocktail dresses, the choice of which dress to wear depends completely on what the occasion is. What you wear to a wedding would be completely different from the cocktail party dress you wear to a cocktail party hosted by your boss. While choosing a cocktail dress it is important to pick a dress that flatters the best parts of your figure, taking away from any perceivable flaws. Accessorize with proper jewelry to enhance the dress that you choose. Have a couple of dresses in colors other than black and experiment with different silhouettes and cuts.
Evening Gown
Woman in evening gown
With summer almost here, it is time to take out your sundresses and buy more. When buying sundresses, keep some things in mind. If you have great, toned legs, opt to wear a short sundress that shows them off. If you want to take attention away from your hips, opt for an A-line dress, or a straight cut dress with a slight flare at the end. Empire waist dresses work well for women who are petite. If your best feature are your arms and shoulder, then a halter is the way to go, or even a spaghetti dress. Opt for sundresses for women in bright colors, floral prints and basic whites to match the mood of the season.
Woman in sundress
With summer almost here, it is time to take out your sundresses and buy more. When buying sundresses, keep some things in mind. If you have great, toned legs, opt to wear a short sundress that shows them off. If you want to take attention away from your hips, opt for an A-line dress, or a straight cut dress with a slight flare at the end. Empire waist dresses work well for women who are petite. If your best feature are your arms and shoulder, then a halter is the way to go, or even a spaghetti dress. Opt for sundresses for women in bright colors, floral prints and basic whites to match the mood of the season.
Traditional Dress
Woman in traditional saree
Every women should have in her wardrobe, one dress that is representative of her place of origin. If you are Japanese, then owning a kimono for special occasions may be a good idea. For Indians, having a sari or two in your wardrobe for those festive occasions is imperative. While you may not wear these clothes very often, it is essential to have at least one pair of your traditional clothing in your wardrobe. It can also be a welcome change from your normal attire.
Remember Imelda Marcos and her massive collection of 2700 pairs of shoes? Well, while that could be considered extravagant (to say the least), the fact remains that there is no woman on the face of this planet who is not fascinated or should we say obsesses with shoes. From Jimmy Choos to Louboutins, and Manolo Blahniks, most members of the female gender dream of creations by these masters, and nurse a life long obsession with footwear. If you are still in the process of building your footwear collection, then some styles of shoes you definitely need are described in the section below.
Black Pumps
Shoes for woman
Like the white shirt that every woman must possess, black pumps are an essential shoe in every woman's shoe wardrobe. There are many different styles of black pumps to choose from. Pointy toed to round toed, or even peep toes, the options are aplenty. Stick to basic styles and patterns, instead of opting for shoes that are designed in the latest style. Also try to stick to a minimalistic heel which is not too high or too low. While buying the shoes, walk around the store in them for a couple of minutes, to ensure that the shoes are comfortable and will not give you a shoe bite.
Woman in shoes
There are two important things to consider when you are buying boots. First, the clothes that you will be wearing them with, and second, the length of the boots. With dresses and skirts, knee-high boots work very well, but with pants, it is better to opt for ankle-high boots. Your height will determine what type of women's boots you should buy. For women who are shorter, ankle-high boots are the best bet, as they make you seem taller. While stilettos look great on screen and on celebrities, boots with these heels may not necessarily look very good in reality, especially the knee-high type. If you do want a pair of stilettos, then stick to those boots that are ankle high. If you own a single pair of boots, choose a pair that is slightly below knee length and have a medium length heel.
Pair of red sandal
When you talk about stylish footwear, you immediately think heels. But with the sheer variety of flat shoes in the market, today you can be stylish while being comfortable. From gladiators, to peep toes, and ballet flats, your options are endless. Many big stores have started storing flats in a variety of colors and designs. Choose from neutrals or metallic colors as they can be teamed with a variety of outfits. At the same time, opt for a couple of shoes in a patterned style which can be teamed with monochromatic outfits. With skirts, the best shoes to opt for are ballet pumps or peep toes, but with trousers wear loafers or lace ups. With sundresses, you can opt to wear strappy sandals.
Flip Flops
Flip Flops sleepers
One of the most comfortable footwear for women for casual wear are flip flops, but these are perfect only for a day on the beach. What are the outfits you can wear with a pair of flip flops? From shorts, to denim skirts, jeans, and capris, or even sundresses are all complemented very well by flip flops but never wear these to your office. Choose flip flops in bright colors for the day at the beach.
Often the most ignored of all things that a woman wears, accessories can make or break an outfit. The wrong bag, a mismatched belt, glares that are too big for your face, can all be the reason for your name appearing on the list of what not to do. Invest in a couple of good and stylish accessories that will suit most of your outfits. In this section, we tell you how to pick your accessories.
Woman in sunglasses
While choosing glares for yourself, there are some important things to keep in mind. Before picking out glares, you need to determine the shape of your face as that will help you decide which sunglasses will suit you best. Once you have made this decision, look at the latest eyeglass trends. Keep these trends in mind while picking glares. To protect your eyes against harmful radiations, it is important that you pick sunglasses that are equipped with UV protection.
Woman wearing thick belt
When picking out belts, it is important that you first opt to buy basics. Every woman needs to have in her wardrobe a basic slim belt in black. Women with slim waists carry off thin belts really well. Women with pear shaped bodies can opt to wear a thick belt under their bust line to draw attention to their tiny upper bodies. Thicker belts look good on women who do not have a very tiny waist. In fact you can wear belts on dresses by cinching the dress at the waist to define it. One of the main things to keep in mind while wearing a belt is to match it with your shoes. This is an important point that is missed by most people.
Woman with bag
Many people don't know this but the best way to choose a bag is to choose it according to what flatters your body type. Conventional wisdom suggests that you choose a bag that is an antithesis to your body type. For example, if you are tall and thin, a bag that will flatter you the most is one that is unstructured and takes the shape of the contents of the bag. There are many different types of bags that you can choose from, like tote bags, clutches, hobos, duffles, messenger bags, etc. Pick a bag that suits you and carry it with style.
Woman watch
How do you choose the perfect watch for yourself? Well, picking a watch has a lot to do with your sense of style. From a professional looking watch, to a digital watch, your choice of a watch will be determined by what you are looking for in a watch. If you want a watch only for its functionality and not for the way it looks, then you may choose a simple, elegant watch with metal straps. There are others who prefer watches studded with precious stones. Understanding what type of watch appeals to you will help pick out a watch easily. Another thing that you will need to decide on is your budget.
Portrait Of Woman
Most women do not realize how wearing scarves can change the look of your outfit completely. Small silk scarves tied around your neck can be the perfect way to brighten your conservative work outfit. For a more casual look on weekends, just drape a long scarf around your neck. Choose scarves according to the weather conditions, so that they serve a functional purpose and protect you against the extremes of the weather. Do not stick to plain scarves. Instead, opt for scarves and stoles in different patterns and bright colors.
Sonja Henie, actress, once said, "Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles". Maybe not wrinkles but the jewelry you adorn yourself with can definitely overrshadow what you wear. Choosing the right jewelry for your outfit is extremely important and in this section, we give you tips on how to choose the perfect jewelry for every occasion.
Necklace for woman
It is always advisable to choose necklaces according to the neckline of your outfit. For scoop necks, or v-necks, wearing a strand of beads looks best. But for boat necks, choose longer chains. For shorter women, v-shaped or matinee chains give the illusion of length. Taller women can generally carry off any type of necklace. The shape of your face can also help in determining the kind of necklace that you should wear. For round faces, long necklaces tend to elongate the line of your face. For heart shaped faces, chokers look the best, as they soften the angle of your chin.
Earrings for woman
While choosing earrings, it is important to choose a pair that flatters your face, your dress, and matches your personality. For faces that are rectangular, it is important to choose earrings that do not add to the length. For round shapes, an illusion of length can be provided by wearing dangling earrings. Heart shaped faces need symmetry and would look more appealing by wearing chandelier earrings. Women with oval shaped faces are extremely lucky as they can carry off almost any type of earring.
Bangles for woman
Choosing bangles depends completely on what your sense of style is and what outfit you are teaming up the bangles with. If you have a slightly conservative sense of fashion, then it would be a good idea to invest in a pair of diamond set bangles or even a pearl cuff bracelet. For younger women, who love junk jewelry, you can opt for bangles in a myriad of colors and wear them together, or match them to the color of your outfit. Bracelets are also a great option for accessorizing those clothes that you wear to office.
The next time you go shopping, keep in mind the tips mentioned here. But do remember that where fashion and style is concerned, nothing works better than instinct. There have been many occasions when I have come across women who are committing every mistake that the fashion rule book deems a sin. Despite this, they manage to look like a million bucks, resembling a model who should have been posing for the cover of a magazine. Do not go overboard following every fashion trend and every fashion diktat. Break some rules, make your own ones. Do not feel down if someone criticizes your look. They probably do not relate to it. Fashion is a game that becomes all the more fun to play when you are ready to experiment with the game book.