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Eyeglass Frame Trends 2018

Eyeglass Frame Trends 2018
This year is totally rife with cool eyewear styles. Here, we bring to you some of the most modern and chic eyeglass frame trends of 2018 that have been seen on some of the hottest style icons known to the fashion world.
Fashionhance Staff
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
"With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60." - Jack Nicholson

Just like a closet without that perennially comely Little Black Dress or that nonchalantly cool hooded sweatshirt feels wanting, a closet without a classic eye wear is totally unforgivable. Eyewear has moved beyond being an embarrassing accompaniment to one of the most necessary.

A statement eye piece (be that eyeglasses or sunglasses) defines who you are. You have got to exhibit certain astuteness while making a choice. 
Know your face cut, know the classics, the height of sexy eyewear and you will be in ship-shape condition.
Opticals for Men
Tortoise Shell Frames
a business man wearing a tortoise shell frame
Tortoise shell frames are trending these days. Tortoise frames with animal-skin prints are popular among the youth. However, if you want a more professional look, you should go for a black or dark-brown colored frames with stripes. These tortoise shells looks best when you wear it with light-colored formal attire.
Complete Black Frame
a man wearing a white tshirt and a complete black frame eyeglass
You must have heard people in the fashion world say, "Black never goes out of style!" They might be referring to clothes when they say it. However, the same is true with eyeglasses. You never go wrong with black eyeglass frames. You can simply wear them anywhere and with anything. They will never disappoint you.
White Frame
a man wearing a clear white frame
The white frames with a slight curve near the cheeks are among the most popular eyeglasses this year. White frames when paired with clear or photochromatic glasses, look perfect. The best part is, you can wear them during any time of the day. The white frame also goes along well with formal as well as casual clothing. However, it looks best when you wear it with dark colored clothes.
Sunglasses for Men
a man wearing an aviator sunglass
Aviators were initially designed for pilots, by Bausch & Lomb. However, they soon started achieving widespread popularity among people. Saying that aviators have established an everlasting trend in the world of eyeglasses, won't not be an overstatement. They will always be in vogue and rule the world of eyeglasses.
a man wearing a wayfarer sunglas
Wayfarers are something that suit all men. Whether you have a round face or a straight face, you can always get one for yourself. There are many types of wayfarers, shiny, colorful, matte finished, etc. You can choose what you like and wear what suits you best. Wayfarers in dark brown, black, or deep blue look best.
Half Framed
a boy wearing a black half frame glass and a white tshirt
This eyeglass trend evolved in the middle of 2017 and continues in 2018. The eyeglasses are framed only from the upper side. This frame looks stunning on formals too. So, why not try it? Impress your lady with a new look!
Opticals for Women
Cat-eye Frame
a girl wearing a cat eye
The cat-eye frame for shades started gaining popularity in the 1960s. These frames later found a niche in spectacles and are in great vogue today. It is extremely popular among college-going girls. These frames are both, stylish as well as classy.
Square-shaped Frame
a girl wearing a square shaped frame
Square-shaped frames suit a round face best. They have a class of their own and having one of these is a certainly a fashion statement. Wearing square shaped frames in two colors is the latest trend. Many prefer a black colored front frame with white or yellow temples.
Completely Round Frame
a girl wearing a completely round frame
The round frames look simply best if you have a long face. In fact, they add to your beauty. Thick, round frames may be from the older days, but they are back now with a bang. However, these frames don't suit everybody. So you should try it before you buy it!
Funky Colored Frames
a woman wearing a funky colored eye glass
This new trend is of different colors like red, blue, yellow with a tinge of black, bottle green and many more options. Go to your nearest store and grab one ASAP.
Sunglasses for Women
a woman wearing an oversized sunglass
Over-sized frames give you a cool, sporty look. You can wear them on beaches or even parties and they will only make you look beautiful. Oversized frames are for long faces and are not suitable for round faces.
a girl wearing an embellished eyewear
Embellished sunglasses makes a lady look bold. There are sunglasses designed with lace, pearls and even diamonds, also with funky and cute animal patches. So, choose whatever you like and go gaga.
a retro styled sunglass
Are you a huge fan of some of the looks from the 90s which rocked the fashion world? A black colored frame with dark red colored glasses could be something you are exactly looking for. Yes, the retro style is back in the world of eyeglasses.
This was the huge list of sunglasses you would like to have. Go with whatever you like, but also keep in mind that the shape of your eyeglasses should be in contrast to the shape of your face.
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