Eyeglass frame trends for 2013

Eyeglass Frame Trends 2015

This year is totally rife with cool eyewear styles, like totally cool. This article from Buzzle brings to you some of the most modish, chic, and prevailing eyeglass frame trends of 2015 that have been sighted on some of the most hottest style icons known to the fashion-kind.
"With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60."
― Jack Nicholson

Just like a closet without that perennially comely Little Black Dress or that nonchalantly cool hooded sweatshirt feels wanting, a closet without a classic eye piece is totally unforgivable. Eyewear has moved beyond from being an embarrassing auxiliary accompaniment to one of the requisite and de rigueur accessories. A statement eye piece (be that eyeglasses or sunglasses) to you is what a modus operandi is to a criminal; it defines who you are.

You have got to exhibit certain discernment in choosing a befitting eyewear for you. A square peg in a round hole will never sound right anywhere but on a square face with round glasses. Know your face cut, know the classics, the renoirs of sexy eyewear (read: Tom Ford, Dior, Balmain, et al), and you will be all ship-shape n sexy specky.

Given below are some of the hottest eyeglass frame trends of 2015.


men's optical collage

Men's optical are a melange of clean silhouettes, rich materials, polished finish, ah yes, and definitely functional. The designs are subdued and unfussy, but outstanding in every manner. The charming old, round frame is a decidedly must-have accessory for this season, so is the quintessential nerd fashion insignia, and what we totally swear by―Wellington glasses. Vintage yet versatile, old-worldly yet contemporary, men's optical eyewear this year drips timeless style with refined appeal.


men's sunglasses collage

Think sporty-chic, vintage essence, and easy architecture and you will have escalated yourselves to the pedestal of this year's fashion succès. These sunglasses are recreational, stylish, practical, and finely crafted with contemporary materials that are all strong and sturdy just like the man who wears it.


women's optical collage

Women's optical this year is abound in classy and flattering shapes, interesting interplay of colors (the ones that graduate from light to deep ombre effect), intriguing textures and patterns (animal print for the ferociously feminine appeal, and by the way, they are just about everywhere), with beautiful finish. Cat eyes and round frames are going to be one of the most sought-after eyewear items this year, which look fetching and enmesh vintage sensibilities with modern drama.


Women's sunglasses run a gamut this year; within its ambit lies glamorous extravagance and quaint moderation, but one thing remains absolute―sexiness.


women's bright sunglasses collage

Expect all things bright and ridiculously beautiful, our personal favorites this season would be bright tangerines, funky pinks, eye popping violets, et al.


oversized women's sunglasses collage

Whether you want to maintain an air of enigma around you or conceal those sleep-deprived orbs, oversize is just super stylish.


retro women's sunglasses collage

You simply can't repudiate the charm and certain edginess that retro items bring along―oh, it's one sentiment we all feel deeply. Don't be mawkish as this year becomes all voguish with statement eyewear designs.


unique women's sunglasses collage

To be unique is all one hankers, but only few have ballsy written all over their DNA. Don't believe us? Look for the ones that we found that are bold, bizarre, and truly beautiful.