Eyeglass Trends for Women

The latest trends of eyeglass for women are gorgeous, stylish and ravishing. We have presented you the current fashion of eye gears prevailing. Keep reading.
Fashion is ever-changing. Like garments and accessories, various trends of eyeglasses have evolved today. Colorful frames and chic eye gears are being flaunted by women of all age groups. Eyeglass trends have become extremely versatile with revival of geeky and retro frames. However one must know how to choose the correct eyeglass for oneself in order to avoid looking excessively garish.

Tips on Choosing Eyeglass Frames
  • Experiment with different types of frames before the mirror. This way you will come to know what suits you the best. You can choose from different styles like modern, delicate, retro or bold.
  • The color of the lens and frame must complement your complexion and eye color.
  • Check the quality of the glass and make sure that it's durable. Also ensure that the glass offers maximum protection against U.V rays.
  • You must feel comfortable after wearing the pair.
  • The placement of nose pads must be accurate and should not give rise to patches on your skin.
Eyeglass Styles for Women

Along with wearing a fashionable outfit, a pair of cool sandal and carrying an over sized bag, you can also don on a pair of trendy goggle to enhance your fashion quotient. Women wearing power lenses can also opt for colorful frames, for accentuating their physical appeal. Eyewear trends 2010 are dominated by Gucci, D&G, Channel, Stella McCarthy, Ksubi, Hugo Boss and Ray Ban. Check out the details.

Diva Delight: Over sized and angular frames of contrasting shades define the diva look. The rims are brightly colored and the lenses are either jet black, brown or of mixed shade. They have jeweled accents and glitzy embellishments over the temples. Golden frames are much popular among girls.

Play Time: Among the popular eyeglass frame trends 2010, butterfly goggles and shield styles are in the spotlight. Exaggerated frames made of thick plastics create a futuristic vision. Playful themes, wild prints mixed with translucent colors have become the choice of many.

Retro Specs: Classic frames in round and square shapes define the retro fashion. They have up swept or dropped temples with straight and distinct keyhole bridge. The ultimate retro is a black tortoise frame. To twist the vintage look, you can add pops of color on top of the sunglass. That's a good combo of retro and modern.

Natural Beauty: These are traditional and classy, having small frames. The rims are either metallic or enameled. You can also opt for beige tones or subtle tints like amber or rose. To retain the traditional appeal, the frames are crafted with bamboo, horns, shells, wood, leather, etc.

Action Packed: The ultimate action style is the shield glass. Eye gears are available in variety of shapes and sizes with bold outlines and bridges. Contrasting tones on same frame is the characteristic feature of action packed goggles. White and translucent frames are also molded in action packed gears. Having a clear concept of eyeglass frames shall help you to choose the right frame for yourself.

Women's eyeglass trends have given rise to a new kind of fashion genre. The latest collection of eyeglasses are designed with different colors that make them look smart and sexy. The other option is to go for the classic styles and retain the traditional elegance. So, what's your choice? D&G, Gucci or Ray Ban?