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How to Find Cheap Extra Wide Calf Boots

Here is how to find the cheap extra wide calf boots.
Rutuja Jathar Nov 18, 2018
Voguish fashion boots, like hiking and horse riding boots, have always been one of the must have footwear for every woman. One of the most popular types of fashion boots are the calf length boots or calf boots. These boots hit the widest point of the curve of the leg and hence they are one of the most intriguing type of footwear.

Calf Boots

It was presumed that since they end up at the calf region of the legs they actually make your legs look more curvy. Women preferred wearing calf boots under jeans or long skirts. This thinking, however, has changed for good and even plus size women and women with wide calves are wearing calf boots these days.
Boots that are suitable for such women are commonly referred to as wide and extra wide calf boots. They are hep, they are stylish, and they are available in numerous cuts and materials. The only thing that might hinder you in getting the boots are their sky high prices.

How to Choose Extra Wide Calf Boots

Before learning about the options to get cheap extra wide calf boots, learn how to choose the best suitable pair of boots. Now that you have decided to buy calf boots for yourself, the first thing to do is to measure your calf width. It will evade the ordeal of wearing uncomfortable calf boots and you can wear them through the entire day without any pain.
There are many types of calf boots, like the crunch boots that come with wide folds at the calves.
In-zip boots that come with a zipper along the length of the boots for better fitting.
There are those lace up calf boots that come in back-lace and front-lace types. You may also like to try one of those stretch boots, which are said to be excellent calf boots for wide calves.
These boots are made using stretchable materials that are easy to slip on and fit in. There are various types of heels like stilettos, kitten heels, block heels and flat heels. These shoes are available with a variety of toe shapes like pointed toes, square toes, etc. They are available in almost all material that are accessorized in the most feminine way.

Where to Find Cheap Extra Wide Calf Boots

Local Sources
A typical problem women face is to find boots for less, which is partly a reality. Finding cheap extra wide calf shoes could be a challenge, if you fail to channel your search in the right direction. There are few easy options that you may like to purchase. You can get cheap calf boots are the local footwear stores.
There must be more than one showroom of footwear in your neighborhood with attractive discounts on footwear of various brands, including extra wide calf boots. You may also like to wait for their discount annual sale, closeout sale, end of the season sale and other occasional discounts that the stores must have on offer at any particular time of the year.
Best source for discounts are the yellow pages, shop flyers, ad sections of Sunday newspapers and shop websites. Keeping an eye on notifications is a smart way to get cheap pairs of your desired shoe brands. Biggest advantage of buying wide calf boots in local stores is you get shoes of your foot size and can exchange them if you find any defect in them.
Online Sources
Another way of finding cheap boots is to search for them on online discount stores, auction sites, official websites of leading shoemaker brands. Websites like Amazon and eBay, which are auction and discount websites do have a variety of new as well as old pairs of footwear that they sell at a very low cost, as compared to their original MSRP.
You can easily login to sites and purchase  your favorite shoes with a credit card or cheque. There are many other websites dedicated to women's footwear. 
Websites like Woman Within, Fullbeauty, ShoeBuy, Roamans, Silhouette, Avenue, Alberta Boot, Maryland Square and many more have a large selections of wide calf boots for all foot sizes.

Classic Fashion Boots

They have classic fashion boots, medium, wide and extra wide boots, plus size calf boots, dress boots, casual boots, western calf boots. Few websites offer customized calf boots. A pair of these boots can be as cheap as USD 20 to USD 40. But, know your exact foot and calf size before purchasing online and don't buy them if not convinced with the selection.
As you can see, when it comes to choosing extra wide calf boots, you can either purchase them during the discount period at the local stores or search for them on the Internet. Wherever you search for them, make sure that you are purchasing a perfectly fitting pair of shoes that will add a finishing touch to all your outfits!