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7 Expert Tips for Styling Your Sweatshirt

7 Expert Tips for Styling Your Sweatshirt
Some think gym, others think catwalk. That's how the image of the sweatshirt has changed in the minds of people. Can't believe it? Check out how you can style a sweatshirt, and look drop-dead gorgeous.
Tulika Nair
Pick it Right
While graphic print sweatshirts are all the rage, and are an extremely cool look to sport, we give our vote to the basic sweatshirt in black or gray. Versatile and the perfect guinea pig for any style experimentation, you will have more ensembles in your wardrobe if you pick this color.
If you are a stickler in terms of how clothes should be worn, then taking the sweatshirt out of the gym-like environs it is normally seen in may not be completely your thing. But if you are all for breaking fashion rules and amping up the style meter, then welcome to a world where pretty much everything can be worn with an oversized sweatshirt. Borrow it from your brother, steal it from your boyfriend, beg your dad to give you one of his old ones, or just use the one you used to live in when you were in college, but get your hands on one. 'Coz once you start wearing this little baby in its glammed up version, you will forget you ever knew its dowdier, more laid-back doppelganger.

From the very obvious pants to ultra feminine skirts, sweatshirts can be worn with pretty much anything. It is up to you though, to make it work. Wearing sweatshirts to more than just the gym requires bucket loads of confidence and the ability to make any look work. If you are a true style maven, then this look is tailor-made for you. Here are some tips and ideas that will help you style your sweatshirt with élan.
Go über feminine with it
sweatshirt with jewel toned skirt
A short, flared skirt in a jewel tone, glitzed with accessories in gold and nude can give the plain ol' sweatshirt a new lease of life and make you look like you stepped off the covers of a fashion centerfold.
Make it work-appropriate
sweatshirt with pencil skirt
The pencil skirt is a stylish businesswoman's best friend, and the sweatshirt is the pencil skirt's new BFF. Get together with both of them. Wear your sweatshirt with a pencil skirt in a berry color and team it with sky-high heels. Keep jewelry to a minimum, and carry a color-coordinated bag.
Channel your inner tomboy
sweatshirt with denims
Androgynous clothing is a trend that refuses to die down. Step it up and wear your sweatshirt with a pair of baggy, rolled up jeans. Keep the femininity going with a pair of pumps, matching bangles, and a clutch.
Play girly-girl with it
sweatshirt with dres
On a dull weekday when the weather threatens to pull you down, brighten your day by layering your sweatshirt over a colorful dress. Dress your feet in a pair of cute ballerinas, and let a colorful clutch be your arm candy.
Call out to the punk you are
sweatshirt with printed pants
Printed denims in a bold color teamed with a neutral sweatshirt can make quite a statement. Take the look up a notch by wearing tribal-inspired jewelry, heeled boots, and a snakeskin clutch. To give it a mean girl look, roll up the sleeves of your sweatshirt.
Dress it down
sweatshirt with shorts
Pull out a sweatshirt from your wardrobe, and you will feel it pleading to be worn with a pair of shorts. Make the look more stylish by teaming it with a denim vest, a pair of suede booties, and a sling bag.
Glitz it up with sequins
sweatshirt with sequined top
Paint the town in every bright, bodacious, brilliant color you can think of, and do it with flair. Wear your sweatshirt over a leather skirt, and layer that with a sequined tank top. Let a cocktail ring and a pair of iced heels do all the talking.
Sweatshirts first became a fashion-forward statement to make with Givenchy's panther sweatshirt in Fall 2011. Since then, most fashion houses have made their own contribution; from Balmain's bamboo-printed must-haves to Jason Wu's satin-backed beauties. The trend has only become bigger and better, and it is in no mood to die.

While luxurious renditions of the sweatshirt may be a little too much for our mere mortal pockets, styling it with an element of originality can be all you need to stand out. Take all the comfort of a piece of clothing that makes you feel safe on a bad day, and upgrade it to make it ramp-worthy.