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10 Most Expensive Jeans

10 Most Expensive Jeans
If you think that all denim brands are nearly similar in make, fit, and price, then you are highly mistaken. This Fashionhance article lists the names of the most expensive denim brands in the world. You will also come to know about the fabric quality and the painstaking design patterns embellished onto these pricey jeans.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
In 2011, the denim industry made over 13 billion dollars in sales in the United States!
Jeans are a staple item in everyone's closet, irrespective of the person's age and gender. It won't be wrong to say that they are the most versatile clothing for all age groups. Along with being known as the most worn piece of clothing, denims are also included in the list of the costliest apparel. You may have come across custom-made jeans that are designed with intricate embroideries and studded with semiprecious stones. Such brands have sky-high prices and are made with an extra effort to meet the personal style of the wearer.
Top 10 Most Exorbitantly Priced Denim Brands
The denim industry is a multi-million-dollar business. Today, designer jeans are not just about good fitting and comfortable fabric, but they are stitched with creativity, fine cuts, and precious materials like gold and platinum. If you are willing to spend a higher amount, then you will surely get a good pair of jeans. Listed below are some of the most expensive jeans in the world, which you can purchase from exclusive stores.
Levi Strauss
Who can believe that a pair of jeans that was stitched 120 years ago would fetch a whopping USD 46,000! It is true, the Levi Strauss company bade that much amount for buying a pair of its own denim jeans back in 2005. The jeans were believed to have been made in the 1880s. Another instance is where a pair of 501 jeans, made in the 1880s, was bought at USD 60,000 at an auction by a Japanese collector.

Levi's Capital E
When it comes to the latest fashion trends, Levi's is a reputable brand that offers some of the best jeans in the world. With a price that can go as high as USD 500, this brand of jeans is available for both men and women. You can select from a range of colors (navy blue and dark blue) and fittings (skinny, straight, and bootcut). The best part is that each pair of jeans is unique, and no two pairs are completely similar.

Earnest Sewn
If you want to have custom-made denims that are stitched according to your shape and have designs of your choice printed on them, then the Earnest Sewn jeans are an excellent choice. As per the design and material, you will get these jeans for as low as USD 100. However, the prices go as high as USD 1,000 depending on the embellishments and designs you choose.

7 for all Mankind
The 7 for all Mankind jeans are for those who prefer to have the perfect cut and a superior quality fabric. Known for its other product lines (shirts, tops, dresses, etc.), 7 for all Mankind is a brand that you can really trust for a good fabric and a comfortable fit. The jeans range from about USD 300 for regular pairs up to USD 1,000 for the higher-end lines.

Gucci "Genius Jeans" is another designer brand included in the most expensive jeans for women and men. Available in both faded and non-faded colors with funky designs, the demand for this fashion clothing is very high. The cost of these jeans starts from a few hundred dollars and can go as high as USD 1,000. The most expensive pair was displayed at a fashion show in Milan in 1998, which was priced higher than USD 3,000.

You might be amazed with the mere mention of the name, Escada custom design jeans. With this brand, you can give the product details, style, fitting, and embellishments as per your choice. The pricing of the finished jeans depends on the fabric and precious stones (if any) used, and the efforts put into stitching it. The most expensive pair ever made cost USD 10,000, and it was studded with Swarovski crystals.

Jeans If you want denims that make you stand out from the crowd, then APO jeans are a good choice. This brand deals with stitching jeans as per individual preferences. Apart from using the best denim in the world, it makes use of silver, platinum, or gold rivets and silk pockets, and you can also put a diamond in place of the button. The jeans are priced according to the items selected, and it can go as high as USD 4,000. Apart from that, the stones used on your jeans are appraised and certified by a credible jeweler.

Roberto Cavalli
Another designer jeans brand included in the most expensive range is Roberto Cavalli. Originally started for women, the jeans are now available for children and men as well. This brand is renowned for its tight-fitting, low-waist, and high-waist jeans for women. The price of this brand starts at USD 159, and the top end pairs cost as high as USD 1,200.

Dussault Apparel
Trashed denim jeans designed by Dussault Apparel is one of the most expensive denims for men. Priced at a quarter of a million dollars (USD 250,000), it is handmade and handcrafted individually. In the stitching process, 13 wash cycles are followed, with painting and dying in between. As expected, the jeans are ornamented with gold, rubies, and diamonds.

Secret Circus
The most expensive jeans till now was designed by Secret Circus, an emerging designer brand. The price for the most expensive pair was USD 1.3 million. It was adorned with five large diamonds, each costing a few hundred thousand dollars. Nobody knows the purchaser of these million dollar jeans (27-inch waist size) as that person has chosen to remain anonymous.

Jeans that are made by a reputed brand always fit better and are more comfortable. They also look really great. They complement your figure and uplift your personality. After seeing their comfort and fit, you will not regret spending a high price for buying these designer clothing items. However, remember that if you wish to buy more than just one pair for daily use, then opt for brands that sell at reasonable prices.