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Exotic Club and Dance Wear Styles to Set the Floor on Fire

Exotic Club and Dance Wear Styles
If normal is boring for you, then this article helps you take a look at some of the exotic club and dance wear options available.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
It's Friday night and time to hit the dance floor. And for the hardcore party animals, almost every night is a time to celebrate at the city's hottest discotheques or pubs. Some people don't need a reason to party and for others, life itself is a party in its own.
One of the most commonly faced problem by regular party-going gals has always been what they should wear for the same. A tricky question especially when you are on the run, from that very important business meeting to the brightly lit dance floor. One way to tackle this would be to coordinate your work wardrobe in such a way, that it should enable you to transform a formal look into a party outfit within no time. Jazz up the skirt with a funky belt, put on some exotic danglers, or pull on an elaborately designed shrug to break the monotony.
However, for the party animals who do not believe in compromising with their look, here are a few tips to have a closet full of party outfits that can be mixed and matched to achieve different looks. Razzle-dazzle everybody with the options mentioned below:
Halter Dresses:
A basic black dress is obviously a must for any girl. Throw in a metal belt or a colored stole to break the monotony. But girls, there's a whole lot of options apart from the sexy black dress. Flirty cocktail halter dresses will sure make you an instant hit amongst all the party-goers. It could be printed or plain, simple or detailed, the choice is yours. Throw your cares to the wind with an asymmetrical halter dress which can have slight frills at the edge. Crystals adorning the neckline and slits at the side for flashing your perfect legs can make you feel and look exotic anytime. It could be dressed up or down, be it a formal occasion or a casual get-together at the local pub. The shorter the dress the more legroom it has to offer for perfecting the pirouette with your partner.
Go elegant with a halter gown, if you are not too confident when it comes to short dresses. Plunging necklines, embellishments, studs, metal buckles down the front, silver clasp detailing, sequins on the borders, all go in creating a chic look for the party-goer. Keyhole design at the neck, work well with halters. Your halter could also have a corset style fashion on the front.
Worn short or long, the skirt will give you a feminine look and can transform any boring party into a rocking one. A denim skirt can be teamed with any top but if you want to move beyond plain denims, then go in for Lycra. Micro minis in Lycra can be found studded with rhinestones, diamonds, lace, and even medallions for people who love to splurge on exotic club wear. Skirts can be pleated or in tiers, with jagged edges, or even sporting chains. The idea is to stand apart from the crowd. Get adventurous and experiment with the colors, patterns, and fabrics. Jazz it up with accessories and watch the heads turn. You can even go wild with animal prints.
Forget your normal denim jeans as normal is boring. Turn your night-out into an evening of adventure with some great pants. Beaded crochet pants, wrap around pants, pants made of crepe, or layered mesh pants are hot this season. The fashion vixen in you will feel complete when you don a pair of wide leg mesh pants, which also come in a see-through material and have some layers of mesh fabric flowing around them. If you wish to keep it minimal and yet be the center of attention then, go in for solid bright colors with regular cuts. Wear a super, sizzling, red hot-pant if you dare to go beyond the obvious. This really short number needs to be complimented with a great pair of high-heeled boots.
Catsuits are full-bodied suits that range from the flashy to the exotic kind of club wear. These are available in a mind-boggling variety like the steel metallic look to the animal prints with faux-fur trims. Rhinestone-studded catsuits are most preferred though one has also seen the rising demand for bizarre materials like fishnet catsuits or vinyl ones.
Club Wear:
You don't really need to wait for an occasion to sport a specially-designed costume at a party. Get the sensuous look in a sailor outfit. Wear striped bustiers, with striped leggings with a blue short, and pleated skirt. Combine with a trendy white cap and you are ready to rock. Or showcase the rebel in you with a pirate costume. You need not have to elaborate with this but a few different items combined can certainly do the trick. Wear a black corset over a 3-layered ruffled dress, and combine with black boots and a pirate hat. Or go in for the cowgirl look with loads of brown, hats, high-heeled suede boots, checkered shirts, and ultra-tight denims.
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