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Eternal Sarees, but With a Twist

Nidhi Shekhawat Jul 30, 2019
Sarees are an absolute favorite of women. The 9 yards have held the same silhouette since forever, and frankly, there isn’t much that we can change about it. But don’t you think saree is limited to only some styles which is somewhat boring, and there should be something fresh?

What Are We Up to

Men have started categorizing saree-wearing women with old ladies. It is time we bring something fresh in the fashion world and make sarees an interesting apparel to wear. We shall talk about how you can drape a saree in a non-monotonous way.

Color Blocking Sarees- A Fresh Trend in 2019

Creating a beautiful saree is an art, but it requires some science to make a color blocking saree. These sarees show a beautiful contrast of opposing colors. Two colors,  opposite in the color wheel are taken and assimilated to make the color blocking pattern. These sarees are a fresh entry in the boring lot of sarees.

Dhoti Sarees- Why Should Only Men Wear Dhotis?

The caption is weird, but now that we have started wearing trousers and pants that were earlier only for men, why not try dhotis?

This style was a massive hit in 2018, and in 2019 it is in rage. The lower part of a dhoti saree is pre-stitched like a dhoti, while the upper part is like traditional pallu.

Pant Saree Shouldn’t Be A Surprise

This is rather uncommon and an upgraded and more advanced version of the Pakistani dress ‘Chaugoshiya’. It literally includes a pant instead of a petticoat.

You have to start tucking the saree halfway around. It is a fusion look to try if you want to stand out in the crowd.

Belted Saree- Who Said You Can Weal Belts Only with Pants!

You only have to select a light saree with minimal embellishments. Now take a belt and wear it on your waist, as you would tie a ‘kamarbandh’ or waistband.

Now walk the streets like the queen of fashion. The style is as uncommon and unique as your personality.

Fringe Saree – An Edgy Look for All Beautiful Women

You can add a superbly chic bohemian look to your saree by adding a fringe to it. Just take an old saree with a worn-out border and add a matching or contrasting fringe to it to make it into a stylish ‘fringe saree’.

Cape Saree- A Choice of the Fashionistas

To rock this style, wear a chic saree along with a cape blouse. It is a hot trend rocked by many divas in the B-town. If you want to look like a starlet in a saree, try out the cape style.