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Essential Tips to Spot a Fake Gucci Bag and Safeguard Your Money

Essential Tips to Spot a Fake Gucci Bag
Dreaming of buying a brand new Gucci bag? But how to be sure it's not a fake? Well, this Fashionhance article gives you some essential tips to spot that fake Gucci bag and correctly identify the real thing. Take a look!
Mukulika Mukherjee
Last Updated: Jan 20, 2018
Did You Know?
The code tag that carries a QR code is found only in new Gucci bags and not the vintage pieces.
Think of designer bags, and Gucci is perhaps one of the few names that immediately come to mind. This Italian brand, established in 1921, has become synonymous to high fashion, class, style, and elegance. It is one of the most sought-after brands in the fashion world today, and the exorbitant price tags are indicative of this. Gucci handbags have women all over the world lusting after them.

No wonder then, that there are scores of Gucci imitations flooding the market. While it's not a sin to go for these knock-offs, for not everyone can afford to buy a genuine Gucci, there are people out there who try to pass off a fake product as the real thing. This calls for extreme caution, and it becomes essential that you know how to identify a true Gucci, lest you be duped of your hard-earned money. To make things worse, some of these fakes are so close to the real thing that it becomes next to impossible to tell one from the other.

Before you set out to buy a Gucci handbag, you should know what are the key points that help you ascertain whether the bag you're holding is a genuine or a fake. Worry not, it's not impossible to shop for a Gucci bag confidently, knowing fully well that you've got something that's completely worth the money spent and flaunt it with elan. Here's how to spot a fake Gucci bag.
Check the Quality of the Material
Begin with checking the material used for making the bag. Is the leather of the finest quality, or is it patchy and rough? A fake Gucci bag usually does not have a soft and smooth feel to it, and if you have felt a designer bag before, chances are that you can spot a fake just by the feel of it. Gucci bags are always made of a high quality fabric or leather. When checking the quality of the fabric, just see if the color is bright and vibrant. Most fake bags have a dull look about them.
Closely Examine the Stitching and Hardware
  • Observe the stitching, especially on the underside of the bag. Does it appear to be loose and bears the mark of an unskilled craftsman at work? If yes, that's reason enough to "certify" it as a fake.
  • The stitching should appear uniform with no threads popping out, especially inside the pockets and on the underside of the bag. Carefully observe the stitching across the length and breadth of the bag.
  • The zippers, buckles, clasps, buttons, and zip pullers on a fake Gucci bag are of very poor quality, and usually made of plastic. Authentic bags have sturdy metal zippers that operate smoothly, with the brand logo engraved on them. Make sure the zippers of the bag are in order and working fine.
Inspect the Logo on the Bag
  • The logo is a key feature to watch out for. Check the style and font of the logo, keeping an eye on minor differences in the typeface. A good idea is to carry a copy of the authentic brand logo as a reference.
  • If it's a bag with the popular "double G" logo, ensure that it's indeed a G and not some other letter! Gucci imitations usually have two interlocking Es in the logo, instead of the two intersecting Gs of the original, with one of the Gs being upside down.
  • If it's a bag with the GG logo pattern, then closely observe the patterns for symmetry. This, more often than not, is a sure-fire way to immediately differentiate a fake from an authentic Gucci. While the former is most likely to have asymmetric or irregular patterns, the real thing has patterns that are perfectly symmetrical throughout the entire surface of the bag.
  • It's not just the font of the logo that you should watch out for, but also its clarity and where it is placed. Generally, fake Gucci bags have a lightly engraved logo that is not clearly legible.
  • In an authentic Gucci handbag, you'll find the logo scattered everywhere―on the zippers and on the inner lining as well. A bag that proudly displays the logo at the front, and nowhere else, is probably a fake. However, this should not be used as the sole criterion to judge the authenticity of the bag.
Look for the Identification or 'Controllato' Card
All Gucci bags come with an identification card that is a proof that the bag has passed through quality check and is authentic. It's a card with a light gray background, with the brand name written in uppercase at the top of the card, followed by the words 'controllato' written in lower case, and the numbers '1234567890'. While it is not an entirely foolproof way to ensure the authenticity of your Gucci handbag, some makers of fake bags can miss out on it.
Check the Quality of the Dust Cover
The bag should come in a Gucci box, accompanied by a heavy-duty dust cover of reliable quality. The quality of the dust covers is also a sure giveaway, so don't forget to examine it closely. Most makers of fake bags pay less attention to the dust covers. Is the dust cover of poor quality or made of dull material? If yes, then it's probably not a genuine bag that you're looking at.
Carefully Inspect the Label and Tags
The label on an authentic Gucci bag says 'Made in Italy'. Sometimes, you'll find this entirely missing on fake bags, or find the name of some other country. If the leather tag has the logo just printed on it and not engraved, then know for sure that it's a fake. Also, it's not just the logo but also the tags that need to be checked for inaccuracies in spelling and typos. Fake bags are likely to have tags with misspelled words on them.
Visit the Gucci Website
Browse through the brand's official site to get a knowledge of the different styles of Gucci bags. Before you venture out shopping for your dream bag, take time out to visit the official Gucci website. Once there, take a close look at the featured handbags, zoom in on the images, and study them carefully. Doing this will help you learn about the minor details that would be useful in distinguishing a fake bag from an authentic one.
Check the Price Tag
The price tag is another giveaway of a fake Gucci bag, since the price of authentic bags starts from 300 USD and go up to 1500 USD. If you come across a Gucci bag that is surprisingly affordable, chances are fairly high that it is a fake. However, you should know that there are sites that sell pieces that are a few seasons old, at a fraction of the original price.
Look for the Serial Number
The inside label of your Gucci handbag has a serial number consisting 4-6 digits. In fact, just the mere presence of a serial number is not enough, as even fake handbags can have it. Once you see a serial number, get it verified from the Gucci website.
While these tips can surely help you identify a fake Gucci bag, you can easily come across a replica that meets all the criteria of an authentic Gucci. Hence, the best idea is to purchase bags from Gucci outlets and their authorized online retailers. This way, you'll be saved the trouble of worrying about buying a fake.
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