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Elegant Cocktail Dresses

Aparna Jadhav Nov 22, 2018
Elegant cocktail dresses with dazzling jewelry and pencil point footwear is all a girl needs to look ravishing in a cocktail party. If you're looking for ideas on beautiful dresses for the evening keep reading.
When you are invited for a cocktail party with an elegant outfit theme, you would first go shopping! But, if you don't have a any design or color in mind, you will end up buying a simple black dress, which you think is elegant. Many wear black at parties, as it is a common perception that black is an evening color.
There are multiple color combinations and colors apart from black, which look stunning. A color like yellow could also be worn to an evening cocktail party, but it just needs to be designed well and accompanied with the right kind of accessories. Take a look at some ideas which will make you look like the star of the evening.

Elegant Evening Dresses

The entire essence of dressing up lies in the dress that you wear. It can make you look prettier or even completely spoil your look. This is where your choice in the designs and colors come into the picture. If you're having trouble deciding what colors to wear for a cocktail party at very short notice, read on to know all about beautiful cocktail dresses.

Poofy Empire Waist Dress

Navy Blue Cocktail Dress

Pleated Yellow Dress

White Dress

Satin Black Cocktail Dress

Classy Dresses

Cocktail dresses are meant to be knee length yet classy. They give you cute yet elegant look and can be carried off very easily unlike the long evening dresses which have to be managed time to time. They are comfortable to walk and dance in and don't need too much of maintenance either. Given here are some classy designs.
Colors like blue, green, turquoise, lemon yellow, beige, purple, pink, and white can be the other colors apart from black, which can completely make heads turn at the party you will be going to. So, make sure you buy a dress in any of these colors. Though black looks classy; a beautiful, short, ruffled hem, blue colored cocktail dress would look stunning.
Teal is another color that could be included if it is shoulder strap with a plunging V-neckline and satin on the busts. A red short stretch mesh one with normal shoulder straps will also look ravishing and classy.
Similarly, a feathered white one with noodle straps, and the length just a little lower than the hips, would make you look slim and pretty. Fuchsia strapless ones in colors, like pink, mauve, bottle green, and lavender with either hip or bust bows would look very classy too.
Some other designs could be tunics, either printed or plane. They look very casual yet classy and can be worn as a one or two piece cocktail dress over a tight black mini skirt. Bubble dresses in metallic or turquoise would also look beautiful. The neckline also changes the appearance of the dress majorly.
If you can, find something in halter neck or simply one shoulder in any color. Ivory and beige are also pretty colors in which you can find some sequined dresses. Crossover necks or strapless pleated ones in teal, aquamarine, amethyst, and ivory would look stunning on you. You can have all these patterns and designs in elegant plus size dresses as well.

Sassy Dresses

Some sassy and bold cocktail dresses can be of any colors you like. It is not only elegant, but it can be sensual and attractive too. All you need is the attitude to carry it off. If you're looking for something like this, then you can go for a sequined halter dress with a cross back strap and knee length in size.
Silver is also a beautiful evening color which will make you dazzle if it is a V-neck and the back is a simple A-line in the pattern. A pleated strapless one in almond color or a butterfly pattern is just the dress for you to get sassy and neat.
Drape ones are also quite wanted by a number of women as they look very informal but also occasional, so you can these for cocktail party. Don't forget to buy your accessories no matter what color you get it in.
With such a variety of elegant cocktail dresses to choose from, you will make the finest choice. So, get that killer one and set all eyes in the party on you!