Dressing for Your Body Type

Dressing your body type will always make you look stylish. It is always wise to be aware of a few tips and techniques which will help you dress according to your body type.
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But you need to look presentable for the beholder to notice you. Being able to dress for your body type and doing that well, speaks volume about your self grooming habits. Dressing well has got nothing to do with stereotype 'perfect' figure.

Dressing, is all about wearing clothes and accessorizing to look presentable, if not stylish. The way you wear your clothes depends on your body type. So, the key to dressing for your body type, is to know the shape of your body. Flabby arms but flawless complexion, thin waistline but chicken legs and broad shoulder but heavy bottom, there is a dressing style for all. All you got to do is look in the right place for the right thing.

Tips to Dress for Your Body Type

Pear Shaped Body

Dress for Pear Shape Body

A pear shaped body has a defined waistline, narrow shoulder, small bust, full thighs and fairly large hips. Since women with this shape are blessed with a great waistline, you ought to wear clothes to accentuate it. Cotton or khaki pants with loose flowing fabrics, and jackets and blazers with shoulder pads will make your shoulder seem full. Empire line blouses or tops, will emphasize your best assets too. If you love accessorizing, wear silk scarves around your neck. Drape them the way you want to draw attention to your lovely neck and to hide the extra flab on your tummy. If you are carrying a handbag, hold it above your waist, to flaunt the best part of you!

Diamond Shaped Body

Dress for Diamond Shape Body

A diamond-shaped body has narrow shoulders, small bust and generous hips and thighs. It is natural to want to hide the few extra pounds on the hips and the thighs and you can do so, by directing all the attention to your face. Skirts, long flowing dressing, short dresses, tops that cover your bottom but accentuate your shoulders and bust, and slightly flared or straight cut pants will suit you the best. Shirts, tube tops, and boat neck tops will shift the focus from your bottom to your face, so totally go for it!

Round Shaped Body

Dress for Round Shape Body

Firstly, round is also a shape and wear it with confidence to look the best! A round shaped body has a full bust, can have a slightly narrow hip, heavy bottom and full hips and thighs. What not to wear is tight-fitting clothes. Round shaped people, must work at getting the attention to the face, legs and hair. So, V necked tops, knee-length tunics, boat neck tops, collared t-shirts, and straight cut pants that end just at the ankle will look great on you. You can also experiment with skirts and a low neckline top. If you use a handbag hold it at the waist or lower than that.

Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

Dress for Inverted Triangle Shape Body

Such a body shape is characterized by generous bust line, broad shoulders, average waist, narrow hips and well-shaped legs. Clothing suggestions for your body type are those that will show off those sexy legs. Needless to say it's skirts all the way, A-line dresses, denims which accentuate the waistline, belts, boatneck tops, and tunics are your options. You have a great lower body. So use it well!

Straight Shaped Body

Dress for Straight Shape Body

The upper and lower torso is roughly the same size. The rest is slender, which is why experimentation is your right. However, since you have a fairly thick waistline, avoid wearing belts. Low waist denims with well fitted t-shirts is the best outfit for casual wear. Skirts (any size) will always look good on you. You pretty much can wear everything, except the clothes that make your waist seem broader.

Hourglass Shaped Body

Dress for Hourglass Shape Body

Well-balanced curves and accurately defined assets, what is your worry in the world? Wear what you want and the way you want. Just know the dress code to dress well. And even if you don't, it's OK! Your body type will always make a style statement.

Make sure you have that Little Black Dress which complements your body type. The advantage of a dress for your body type, is that you can wear it on any occasion, because it will never seem wrong. Pick up your wallet, get some shopping done, because you've got to dress to kill!